Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Saturday 28th December 2013

On the 28th we went up Peterborough way to see some more of the family. First we went to see my Aunt and my Nanna who only live two roads away from each other so it's always best to do them at the same time.
It was nice as we had dinner and then opened a few gifts that we had given each other. We spent about 6 hours with them and then went off to stay at Mr P's family's house, The Woolfalls'. It's about a 20 minute drive from my Nanna's. 

The boys spent most of the time on the Wii playing Need for Speed, while Little Miss P was playing with Miss W's hair. It was very sweet to see the two girls playing together...

...and it was very nice of Miss W to let Little Miss P play with her hair!

That's it for 28th December; most of the mad fun happened on the 29th so come back tomorrow to hear about it.

Mrs P

December Favourite

December Favourites

Hello everyone, it's the end of December, so here are mine and Little Miss P's favourites.
Let's start off with...

Little Miss P

1) Princess Tent - it's just made up of two umbrellas and some towels, but it's so cosy watching films underneath it

 2) Barbie Story Treasury - we picked this up from a charity shop for 99p and Little Miss P loves it... now that's what I call a bargain

3) This Pops Craft Chain Monster - it was only a £1 but she loved doing it and didn't need any help, so great for a lazy Boxing Day thing to do

4) As we have been busy going to see family etc. she's been taking this pillow everywhere, just to feel like she's at home and comfortable

5) Yes, her Thorntons Advent Calendar - not much to say about that one, other than... CHOCOLATE!!!

My Five Favourites

1) My warm socks - it feels so great waking up and putting these on my toes... they're only from Primark (via Father Christmas) so did not cost that much. I've also got another pair for when these ones are in the wash...

2) 'Christmas Eve' Yankee Candle - it's only a small one and it's just been sitting on a shelf in the loo, but it just looks so pretty sitting there (and it smells good too)

3) My Christmas Tree - it has to be a December Favourite really

4) This Beauty and the Beast tree decoration - I got it when I went to Disney World with my family when I was younger. I love it and have it on the tree every year.

5) And these Wispa bites - I don't normally like Wispa but these 'Wispa Bitsa' are really nice and go well with a cup of tea.

What are your December favourites?

Mrs P

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Fun

Hello My Lovelies, I hope you all had a great Christmas and ate as much as you could, as it the only time of year you could really get away with it, hehe :-) 

This Christmas we were at home for the morning just chilling out and opening the pressies Farther Christmas left us. Little Miss P woke up saying "Mummy, Mummy, he's left presents under my tree, can I open them?". We said she had to bring them to our room to open them, so she did.

After that we went downstairs to see what the big guy left behind for us. He left a few things for us but not a silly amount.

I will be doing another blog post about what we got for Xmas, but one of them was this Lights Alive that used to be Mr P's when he was younger. She spent most of the morning on it and loved it. I think Tomy need to bring this back out for more of the kids, instead of being on computers all the time.

At about 11.30am we went off to my Mum's house for Xmas dinner, but first we all sat down to open the pressies that were left at her house for us. There were a lot but there were 11 of us with pressies for everyone under the tree.

After that it was cooking dinner and the kids playing with their toys. We did have a mini drama when the hob stopped working and we still needed to do the veg, but what we did was stick them in the mirowave for a few minutes, and it seemed to work. I was very proud of my mum as she didn't lose it that much... all she said was the S word and carried on, so well done mummy.

After that it was back to the front room for some fun and games. We played Heads Up, with all the grown ups and it was so funny. I'm just gutted I didn't get any of it on video because that would have been funny to watch back.

That was it. We left mum's house at about 7.30pm and as soon as we were home little Miss P fell asleep within two minutes, hugging me, after saying she wasn't tired. Bless her. 

Here is this week's video of what we got up to. It's not much as I didn't want to spend Christmas behind the camera, but i got a few bits for you.

Mrs P

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Center Parcs: The rest of the weekend

Merry Christmas everyone!
This is not a Christmas post, I just wanted to finish off my Center Parcs post before I forget. 
So here we are, the rest of Center Parcs weekend of 2013.

It was a good thing I didn't really plan anything as I wanted to chill out and not have to rush from one thing to another. I did have to book a few things tho as i know they do get booked up pretty quick.
The first thing I booked was a pony ride for Little Miss P as she loved it last year... She's been talking about it all the time since she find out we booked it!

Here is the pony she rode. She loved him and he was just the right size for her to ride. She's more brave with a pony than any other animal, she seems to just love them and falls under the pony spell. Master Hill was booked to go on one too but he got scared and didn't end up going on his. 

We also booked both of them in the timeout club for an hour for the Elf Party. The Elf Party is just a load of fun and games. Little Miss P loved it, but again Master Hill didn't go in and wanted to stay with his mummy.  He did have a cold on this holiday so i think he was feeling a bit sorry for himself. 

The other thing we booked was Pottery; we do this every time we go. I could sit there for hours just painting a bowl or a mirror. The kids got bored after a while and went off to play with the Lego, whilst the adults were still painting hehe.

And the last thing we booked was seeing the big man himself, Father Christmas. We had a slot booked in at 4pm on the Sunday night just before the fireworks that were at 5.30pm. It was good seeing him and he took his time asking what they wanted. It didn't feel rushed at all, like some others you may go to.

This was meant to be just Little Miss P, Father Christams and me, but Master Hill just sat down as well. But hey-ho (or ho-ho!) what can you do... I even got a photo of Master Hill picking his nose... hmm, yummy!

So those were all the things we booked. We also went swimming a few times but you just turn up for that. The hardest thing about the swimming was trying to find a changing room. Once i found one i had to put little Miss P in there and go and get the things out of the lockers and run back to her. We also saw the fireworks and for the first time since she was a baby Little Miss P didn't cry when watching them, woohoo, so I had a chance to enjoy them.

That's it for my little Center Parcs trip of 2013. I hope you enjoyed my blogs on it and please go over and see all the vlogs I have done about Center Parcs on youtube.

Here's just one of them... i have done three of them, I think.

I just had to put this photo in of Little Flack that I took, as she looks so cute.

Hope you're having a lovely Boxing Day.

Mrs P

Monday, 23 December 2013

Wedding Night By Sophie Kinsella

Lottie wants to get married - to the right man, of course. She's sure her boyfriend is about to propose. 

So when the proposal doesn't happen and she meets her first love from long ago, Lottie decides on drastic action. They'll get married right now, with no engagement, no fuss and, above all, no sex until after they're safely married. It's the perfect plan.

On the other hand...

Fliss is in a middle of a nightmare divorce and just wants her little sister to avoid the mistakes she made. She decides Lottie's marriage has to be stopped at all costs and chases the (un)happy couple to their romantic honeymoon venue on a greek island.

Will Lottie have a wedding night to remember... or one to forget?

My View 

It was a slow start to this book but once I did get into it, it was an easy read. I enjoyed the storyline and even though it seemed unrealistic it was very entertaining. The character Lottie did remind me of Becky Bloomwood from the shopaholic series, but I found Lottie hilarious and cringed at her embarrassing moments. It has some laugh out loud bits in places and is a good quick read as it's an easy to put-down and pick-up type of book.

I cannot deny that it's not as good as her first few books & my favourite one is Twenties Girl, but it's still a good read and entertaining.

Mrs P

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dickensian Evening: Review

 Dickensian Evening: Review 
(Tavistock Devon)

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well and enjoying this cold weather.

I have finally got round to doing my Dickensian review - I should really try and write them only a few days after not two week's after. I've just been a busy little bee recently, but then it is a busy time of year.

Well from my point of view the evening was a cold one and a very enjoyeable one. We didn't get there for when the lights turned on but got there just in time to see Little R sing with her school. After that we had a bit of time to go and look around.

There is so much to see; everywhere you turned there was something new... People dressed up, people selling mistletoe and lots of food stalls including roasted chesnuts, hog roast and a BBQ (which is what we had).

The community appeared to be very much involved and it looked as if all the schools were doing something to support the evening.

We will be hoping to go back next year to enjoy it all over again and if you do, you have to go and check out the Christmas Tree Festival in the Church. It was great see all the trees dressed up by the shops and other onwers.

The only thing I would say to them is make sure the food stalls have enough of it as halfway through most of the food stalls had run out.

Mrs P

Friday, 20 December 2013

Winter Wonderland Center Parcs 2013

Day One: Arrival 

Little Miss Flacky (My Niece)

Hello everyone, hope you're well.

I have just got back from a weekend in Center Parcs and I am very tired. We set off on
Friday 6th of December at about 10am and rom where we live it takes about hour and a half to get there. There were about 13 of us.

We had to take three different cars; in car one was Me, Miss H, New Mrs Henderson, Young Mr Henderson and Mr Henderson.

Car two was Little Miss P, Mrs Henderson, Mr Hill and and Miss Huxley and the rest were in the other car. Mr P was coming up to join us on Saturday night, as he's been busy with his music things.

I was gutted that I had left my nice camera at home. I just left it by the door and don't know how I did that, but I did manage to bring a video camera and my ipad, so I did a little day in the life of Center Parcs. It's from my iPad so the quality is not that great, sorry.

On the day of arrival we had paid for the early booking, so that means we are allowed in an hour before everyone else, and that you get milk & eggs etc. in the villa for when you get there.

As we arrived at 11.00 we had to wait a while to get into our room and had to wait for my mum to turn up as they were about 30mins behind us. So we grabbed a Starbucks then went to the Pancake House for a bit of lunch... it was so yummy...!
After that we all just chilled out in the Sports Bar, went to our little house, had lunch and then back to the sports to have a family game of bowling. That's really it for the arrival of us at Center Parcs.

Come back soon to see what else we got up to on our little trip to Center Parcs.

Mrs P

Thursday, 19 December 2013



2013 is coming to an end so it's that time of year where we sit down and think of what this year has been like, and if we have made the most of it.

This year has been better than last year. I was reading back at my blog and found the 2012 one of these.

Last year I put that it was a bit messed up; not with my little family just everyone else around us. This year I can say it's only been a little bit messed up, so at least we are moving forwards and not backwards!

My Mum now has a new job, The Young Allen has moved to Canada with his girlfriend and son (we miss them lots tho) and my sister is still having a bit of trouble and is having a baby, but that is another story altogether.

So I will start off with the not so good things this year. There hasn't been much...

1. We had a flood in our house so we had to redo some if it
2. A member of our family has got cancer but as far as we know she's doing alright and is on the mend (she dosen't like talking about it)
3.One of my sisters is still in a bit of a weird place with everything that is going on around her

The good things...

1. Little Miss P has Passed her Grade 2 dance exam
2. We did the hallway and landing finally (still have a tiny bit to do)
3. Sorted out the front garden
4. We are still a happy little family
5.We are in the process of buying a bussiness
6. I had a lovely girly family holiday

Other things that have happened this year

1. I have got 129 Followers on this blog, thank you so much!
2.I have joined the world of Instgram (33 Followers)
3. I have started to do a weekly vlog on my youtube channel every Weds (3 Followers)

So that's all for now. If you have done something like this please leave a link in the comments below so I can go and have a look :-) Thank you!

Mrs P

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kirstie's Crafty Christmas: Review

Kirstie's Crafty Christmas: Review

I don't come from a Crafty family; the most we do is make some cupcakes maybe once a year. But I have married into a very Crafty family. Mr P's Mum is great at knitting, one sister is great with at sewing and the other one is great at crocheting. 

I have tried crocheting but just can't get the hang of it. But I will do it one day... I am determined to.

I have always loved watching Kirstie and Phil on Location, Location, Location and have seen all Kirstie's other things she has done. So when I found that Kirstie's Crafty Christmas was going to be on I couldn't wait to see it to find something that I could make, for fun. But I have come across something a lot better; something that I could even do with Little Miss P, like making paper flowers and tie-dye some socks. And I  would really like to make that popcorn mess thing - it looks like it tasts so good! I have to say I really like the neon star but I don't think I am quite up to being able to do that yet. Give me a few years and I might be able to...... or maybe not!

Can't wait to watch next week's one and I hope to find some more Crafty things to do, on my own and with Little Miss P.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Couponing UK Style

I love watching Extreme Couponing on telly. I find it so funny but so great at the same time, saving all that money, it's well worth it. Here in the UK we can't do Couponing to that extreme it just wouldn't work... 
I have only just started so i thought i would just show you what i have got so far.

First I picked up my free After Eights that I got with my Tesco voucher and then my Nutella. The Nutella was a good one, it was on offer at £1.50 then with the 60p off cost 90p, so less then a £1... That's always good :-)

I have to say it felt good getting things for less than they are meant to be. I was going to use my voucher for black bags but my little Tesco didn't have any, so I will be going back in the next few days.

Hope you liked my this little blog post, i will keep you updated if i do any more.

Mrs P

Monday, 16 December 2013

Dickensian Evening

Hello my lovelies, hope you're all well.

At the start of December we went down to Devon to see The Allens (one Of hubby's sisters)  for a nice time away and to go and expreinece the Dickensian Evening. As you might have guessed it's all about Dickens where people dress up, the shops are open late and lots of food stalls are set up out on the street, some singing and other entertainment.

Here is one of the shows that was put on and two members of The Allens were taking part in it, Miss L and Little Miss A. I don't really like puppets as they just freak me out bit, but it was good tho. Also Little R was singing with her school but I couldn't get close enough to get a good photo as all the other children's mums & dads were in front of us. But it sounded good from where I was standing.

  Here is the best food place of the night - they did great Sausages and Burgers, but we had to wait for a while as they had to go to the Co-op to pick up some more buns as they had run out!!

This is a cute photo I took of Little Miss P and Little R while waiting for the puppet show to start. It was cold so I was trying to keep their minds off the cold and started to take lots of photos of them, and I got this cute one of them. They both look so happy and cute together and as you can see from the photos they have the same chin, lol.

I will be sitting down in the next couple of days and doing a review of the Dickensian Evening, so please come back in a few days and check that out :-)

 Mrs P

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bluewater Boots Haul

So the other night we got rid of Little Miss P at her nanny's house and made our way to Bluewater for a few hours, just for some time to ourselves and to do a little bit for Christmas shopping.
 We didn't buy much, just a few things.
So here they are...

We went into Boots and took advantage of the buy two get one free.
First was this Pie Aye by the Hairy Bikers. It comes with a Ceramic pie dish, Bird Punnel, tea towel and steak seasoning mix   

This is a Guinness Casserole set (below) and comes with a casserole dish, Spatula, recipe set and some herbs. If Boots have this in the Sale i might get one for me as it looks pretty cool.
This was also £20.00.

Last but not least from Boots was this Courvisier Glass & Decanter gift.
It comes in a really nice box so it will be easy to wrap up... that's always a bonus point for me as I am not that great at wrapping.

It comes with a glass, Decanter that looks lovely and a 5cl mini bottle of Courvoisier.
This is the perfct gift for Mr P's dad. I know he will enjoy it.

This is £18.00 but as it's on the three for two I got this free as it was the cheapest.

Here is the little youtube viedo we made.

How's your Christmas shopping going?

Mrs P

 Also here is my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thelifeofmrsp/videos

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Devon Family Fun

 Sorry it's been a while everyone. December has just seen a bit crazy this year.

 December started off with a little family weekend in Devon, as Mr P's sister lives there. Some of the time we were with them but on this day we made it into family time with just the three of us. We went rock climbing (Mr P and Little Miss P did more then me) and I was more sitting back taking the photos and some video of our fun.

 Rock climbing has always been a daddy and daughter thing, so I let them have their fun together.
At one point when we were in Dartmeet, Little Miss P and Mrs P were climbing over rocks in the river. I was watching just making sure that if either of them fell in I could help out in some way, and with every step I had my heart in my mouth. I am always on edge when they do this.

 There was a funny moment when Mr P nearly fell in the water. He was trying to get from one rock to the other and ended up with his legs on two different rocks and hands on another and he couldn't get up... it was really funny watching it (gutted I didn't get it on camera though!).

The great thing about Dartmoor is that we can park anywhere and find a few rocks to climb up, so that's what we did after visiting Dartmeet. We couldn't be too long doing it though, as we were losing the light.

Here  are some more photos of our little rock climb.

 Litttle Miss P, looking over the moors on top of the rock we climbed

  Me and Little Miss P, before we went climbing

All of us on top of the rocks (family selfie)

 If you fancy it I took some video of us having some fun on the rocks at Dartmeet.
If you do go over and watch don't forget to give it a big thumbs up x

Mrs P 

P.S.:You can also now find me on http://instagram.com/nickigparker

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Parker's Family Blog #5

Evening everyone. Here is week #5 of the Parker's family blog (I think it may be week #6 but I will just leave it as #5 for now). 

This week we had my stepdad's birthday meal. It was only at the pub down the road to them in Buckhurst Hill, but all the family were there so it was nice to see everyone all together. Other than that we just had a normal week, with school, homework & dancing.

Little Miss P has started to write her Christmas cards out for her class. We only do three a night so that's why we started now as it will take a while and she's got 29 to write out... and that's just in her class.

Well that's it this week. Let us know what your family have been up to!

Mrs P

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Novermber Favourites

We at the end of November, oh my... Not long now until Christmas.

My Favourites

Yes, it's a Yankee Candle  Merry Marshallow smells so good, just like marshallow. My auntie wants one for Christmas so I think I will have to get it for her.

 I have a cold at the moment so i am loving this as it gives me the best night's sleep with my blocked  up nose.

Costa are doing the best hot coco at the moment - it's honeycomb and cream and tastes so good. I would definitely recommend it... Can't wait to go and get my next one!

 Ok this is a bit of a wierd one, it's soap but it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange. It smells so good and I picked it up for only 75p. I think it was because it was on an offer and I'm glad!

Galaxy Honeycomb... it's so tasty, i love it... and it was only £1!

Little Miss P's Favourites

A good puzzle. She loves a puzzle and it has to be about 100 pieces now as all the others
are too easy for her.

These cute boots are from Sainsbury's. Little Miss P picked them out... i am guessing only because of the sparkles on the back of them!

A box! It's amazing how much fun you can have with it. You can turn it into a house, paint it... it goes as far as your imagination can take you and she's been having a lot of fun with it.

Little Miss P loves reading since school. She started off with Biff, Chip and Kipper books so I bought her a few for home. At the moment we're on this one, Level 4 and it's perfect for her to read in bed on her own or with me.

Little Miss P's Christmas Tree. It stays in her room and she decorated it herself. She loves it. It did have some tree chocolates on it but she ate them x

Hope you liked our November Favourites. Please let us know what your favourite is.

Mrs P & Little Miss P

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