Thursday, 28 February 2013



As i have said in my list, i have always wanted to run my own business, and it's always been to run my own shop. Most shops don't seem to be lasting that long so I have set myself up a little facebook page called Summer-Minnie to sell on. I hope within a few months i will have a little website up; I have my nephew's girlsfriend drawing up a logo for me and hope my nephew will do the website. 

At the moment i am only getting sales from friends, so I am hoping this will get me a few more sales, i just have to work out how people could pay. Best bet for that i think will be Paypal but I'm not sure how to do that. I will ask Mr P about that.

All the things I will sell will be what I like, as well as what my little family will like. If i don't like it then it does not make the page. 

Black Angel Wings earrings £6.00 + £1.20 delivery

These angel wings have been selling fast and I only have one pair left have and have two of each in silver and gold as well. 

I have two bags left and a few bath bombs.

And this cute little red skull bag for £20.00 + £2.20 delivery  

I think i might do something like spend over £40 and you get free delivery. Let us know what you think and if you could give me any hints and tips please do x

Mrs P

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

20 random facts about the family

20 random facts about the family 

1)  As a family we love Pizza... I like Dominos while Mr P loves Papa Johns 

2) We call ourselves 'The Parkertrons'

3) We would love to work of ourselves full-time but don't like the risk of it 

4) We will always support each other even if we don't really want to(!)

5) I love the Amercian TV shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Revenge & Mr P loves traffic cop shows

6) I love Disney, anything Disney... it just makes me feel like a child again and hope that little Miss P will carry this on when she's older

7) Named Little Miss P after one of the characters from the OC 

8) We love lamb hotpot for dinner on winter nights

9)  We believe in bedtime stories (not DVD or telly) 

10) As a family we will always try and have some fun

11)  Will try and buy from local and independant shops depending on price 

12) You will never leave our house hungry!

13) I was the little mouse on the door step in my primary school play

14) Mr P conducted his own piece of music at the Royal Albert Hall

15)  Little Miss P is really good at Guess Who and beats me and Mr P

16) I can't stand cooking, whilst Mr P enjoys it

17) Little Miss P and I like swimming, whilst Mr P can't swim 

18) I am a daydreamer

19) No men can last in my family, let's hope Mr P does (hehe)

20) We always try and look on the bright side of life :-) 


The Parkertons

Friday, 15 February 2013

Mini me

 Mini me

This is little story stated on Saturday. We were getting ready to go out to have a cup of tea at my friend Mrs Brown's house. I was getting ready in our room. When Little Miss P was ready, she came back into my room and found out that we both had very similar shirts on. I couldn't believe it, so I had to get a photo of it. 

I didn't go for the skirt though and stuck with my black jeans.

Having fun with the camera.

Little Miss P got her hands on the camera and took this good one of Mr P and I. It's werid seeing me on the other end of the camera and i don't like it!

And this is a fun family fun one of us.

When we were ready to leave the house it was hard getting Little Miss P off daddy's phone as she was playing the games on it.

This is how i found her. 

Do you like our shirts ?


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Baby Girl

Baby girl 

As i said a few posts back, i told you my sister is having a baby and  few days ago we found out the sex. She's having a girl and this little girl is already very lucky with the size of her wardrobe! 

It's not all newborn, it goes from newborn to 1 year. I had a good look through it and took photos of my favourite little outfit.

This is one of the best ones, a Finding Nemo bib and sandals for the summertime... how cute it is. 
She picked this up from the Disney Store in Romford. 

 Carrying on with the Disney theme, this cute Thumper babygrow from ASDA. As you can see from price (£4.50) it was a bargain. I do like ASDA's baby range.

Next up is this Little Sister outfit that Miss Henderson got her. I think she picked it up from TK Maxx.

OK, now we come on to the designer things - a Ralph Lauren top and Ralph Lauren dress, both picked up from TK Maxx again.

Last outfit is this little Tommy Hilfiger bikini. She got this from one of her friends and it will be a perfect fit for Center Parcs this Christmas. I have to say, it's not my sort of thing I would put on my child.

Now time to see where little one will be sleeping. A cute little moses basket she got from a sell page on facebook. It was £20 for the basket and the stand. She did buy a new mattress for it though.

And here are little one's new friends - gifts from other people.
At least it saves them a bit of money to buy more clothes!

Let us know what your best outfit is?

Mrs P

Monday, 4 February 2013

Cute red dress

Cute red dress

I love this dress. It's cute and girly and would be great at a summer party or a BBQ.
I would love to buy this but it's £99. I don't have that kind of money.
It's a Nishe Butterfly Mesh Prom Dress from asos.

So if anyone would like to buy it for me, please feel free to.

Mrs P

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Brass Band weekend

Brass Band weekend

Yes I know - a brass band weekend. It's a weekend in Butlins Skegness and the first time Butlins is open in the new year. I am guessing it's like a training ground for the new lot of staff, but it's kind of a harsh one I think, as it's full of brass banders who like to drink a lot & they never seem to have enough staff in the bar... poor people.

We made a weekend of it and without Little Miss P we could have a few drinks.
So after we dropped off Little Miss P at Nanny's house and made our way on the 3 hour car journey in the snow.
We had Mr Vinall in the car with us as he helped the band out on cornet. He's a really nice guy as well so didn't mind him being in the car with us.

When we got there we were the first one's for our room so got all the keys, and then straight off to a rehearsal. I sat in and watched as I don't get to see them much, and I like to support my man (some of the time). We shared the chalet with four other people. Another couple that met in the band and two others in the band. I am glad that I wasn't the only girl.

My cool wristband

We had to wear these cool wristbands all the time we were there to get in and out of places. I think it went with most of my outfits... not! The first night we were there we stayed in the room as we didn't know where the band would be drawn as that happens the next morning. The band wanted an mid-late draw, and drum roll please... the band got drawn 23rd out of 26 so they were happy with that. The only problem was we had to wait around all day. So we tried to make the most of it and went for a walk along the beach. But it was so cold my face felt like it was about to fall off.

The start of the drinks

The band got on stage at about 5pm then after we all went straight to the pub for a round of drinks. We was only there for half an hour and had to go and watch the results. By this time i have to say we were both a little bit merry as we hadn't eaten all day. It didn't help that I downed two glasses of wine in this time. We waited until it was the 1st Section results. They came in 3rd place and won £700, so well done Becontree Brass Band! After that the night kind of went into one big blur.

Mr P and two other members of the band

The next moring we went for a fry up in the pub and watched Redbridge play. We went back to the room, packed our bags and started our way home as I really wanted to give Little Princess a big hug too. As well, it was snowing, so it was best to get on the road home and try not to get stuck.

Some more drinks

Lucky for us we didn't x

Mrs P