Tuesday, 26 February 2013

20 random facts about the family

20 random facts about the family 

1)  As a family we love Pizza... I like Dominos while Mr P loves Papa Johns 

2) We call ourselves 'The Parkertrons'

3) We would love to work of ourselves full-time but don't like the risk of it 

4) We will always support each other even if we don't really want to(!)

5) I love the Amercian TV shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Revenge & Mr P loves traffic cop shows

6) I love Disney, anything Disney... it just makes me feel like a child again and hope that little Miss P will carry this on when she's older

7) Named Little Miss P after one of the characters from the OC 

8) We love lamb hotpot for dinner on winter nights

9)  We believe in bedtime stories (not DVD or telly) 

10) As a family we will always try and have some fun

11)  Will try and buy from local and independant shops depending on price 

12) You will never leave our house hungry!

13) I was the little mouse on the door step in my primary school play

14) Mr P conducted his own piece of music at the Royal Albert Hall

15)  Little Miss P is really good at Guess Who and beats me and Mr P

16) I can't stand cooking, whilst Mr P enjoys it

17) Little Miss P and I like swimming, whilst Mr P can't swim 

18) I am a daydreamer

19) No men can last in my family, let's hope Mr P does (hehe)

20) We always try and look on the bright side of life :-) 


The Parkertons

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