Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Baby Girl

Baby girl 

As i said a few posts back, i told you my sister is having a baby and  few days ago we found out the sex. She's having a girl and this little girl is already very lucky with the size of her wardrobe! 

It's not all newborn, it goes from newborn to 1 year. I had a good look through it and took photos of my favourite little outfit.

This is one of the best ones, a Finding Nemo bib and sandals for the summertime... how cute it is. 
She picked this up from the Disney Store in Romford. 

 Carrying on with the Disney theme, this cute Thumper babygrow from ASDA. As you can see from price (£4.50) it was a bargain. I do like ASDA's baby range.

Next up is this Little Sister outfit that Miss Henderson got her. I think she picked it up from TK Maxx.

OK, now we come on to the designer things - a Ralph Lauren top and Ralph Lauren dress, both picked up from TK Maxx again.

Last outfit is this little Tommy Hilfiger bikini. She got this from one of her friends and it will be a perfect fit for Center Parcs this Christmas. I have to say, it's not my sort of thing I would put on my child.

Now time to see where little one will be sleeping. A cute little moses basket she got from a sell page on facebook. It was £20 for the basket and the stand. She did buy a new mattress for it though.

And here are little one's new friends - gifts from other people.
At least it saves them a bit of money to buy more clothes!

Let us know what your best outfit is?

Mrs P

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