Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shopping #1

As I have said before, I like to try and shop locally, as long as it's cheap. 
I have a small parade of shops about 5 mins walk down the road to me. It has a Tesco Express, two fruit and veg shops, pet shop, shoe shop, two charity shops and a few others.

So today I am showing what I bought and how much for x

 6 pack Club mint, 62p, on offer
Bread £1.00
x2 Juice drinks 3 pack, £1.20 for two, on offer
Hand wash 90p, on offer

Carrots 50p
Lettuce 99p (for the guineapigs)
6 bananas £1.00

Pet Shop 
Woodshavings £3.75

So all together it cost £9.96

As I walked to the shops I didn't have to spend any money on petrol or bus fares.

Mrs P


  1. That's amazing - you've picked up an awful lot there for £9.96! Somehow suspect I wouldn't manage to buy half this stuff with £9.96!
    Popped over from Claire Justine's Weekend Blog Hop.

  2. Wow - I always succumb to temptation when shopping... But I do love walking to shops - great exercise and it's free ;-)