Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Favourites



I have seen a few people on youtube channels do this and as I haven't really done the youtube thing yet, well i have done a little thing but not much. Here is my youtube channel. I might try at some point tho. You can Subsribe and I will put things up x 

So here are my Five Favourite Things 

Fav food 

I know this is not healthy but I love them, always have. I remember my mum and stepdad getting these when I was younger and they still taste just as good :-)
PS. Tesco have them now :-)

Fav bit of clothing 

Ok my best bit of clothing for April is this cute dress from Primark; I got it for £13.00 for a wedding. I like the way the fabric feels on my skin and I could wear this in the summer. What a bargain this is.

Fav thing that happened in April 

It may sound crazy but it's getting the front garden done. I have wanted to get it done for a while now, we just had to save up the money for it. Oh and my sister's (Mrs soon-to-be Flack) baby shower was a close second.

Fav TV

It has to be Revenge on E4; it's a great drama and keeps you guessing. If you like tv dramas that have a twist and lots of mysteriousness, then you should watch it. And all the characters are very good looking!

Fav shoes

 I love these shoes, all glittery... I call them my party shoes!

Let me know what your favourites are! :-)

Mrs P