Friday, 12 April 2013

I Need a Monday Tree.

I need a money tree

We all need money to live, but we need more and more money to live as time goes on. I started writing this post on 12th March and we had £77.25 to last us as until the 29th March. We were due to go into out overdraft, oh dear.

I looked into what we have to spend each month on essentials (from the gas to food shopping etc.) and it works out at £1,884.59! That's without Little Miss P's dancing lessons at £16.00 a mth and drama lessons at £20 a mth. So that makes it up to £1,920.59. Once we've paid for petrol and put a little bit into savings, it doesn't leave that much from what we earn. We end up with about £100 or so left at the end of the mth. I don't know if that's good bad or not, but we don't seem to have much money left over.

From the 12th April I will write down what I spend to see what i actally spend my money on. 

Mrs P

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