Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Front Garden Done :0)

Yes it's done, the garden is done! OK, well it's not 100% done, we still need to get the things for on top of the wall done, but that's it.

We laid down the path with the gravel first as we had to wait for the lawn to be delivered and that was due the next day. So it spent a day looking like this, not bad really considering what it looked like beforehand.

Llttle Miss P didn't mind tho as she was looking for some of the tiny shells in the gravel.

 Here's the lawn all nicely wrapped up ready for us to lay. 

It didn't take us too long to lay it, about half the day and Joe helped us out again. He even gave us the bench that you see in the photo below. It's in need of a bit of a touch up but other than that its nice and it was Free. It does fit nicely there and I have been using it, just sitting in the sun reading my book :-)

So here is the finished front garden. What do you all think, do you like it or not?

One of Mr P's friends asked if we were inspired by the Star Trek logo but I have to tell you now, we weren't!

Mrs P