Friday, 3 May 2013

Front Garden underway

As well as the hallway, we are doing the front garden. The front garden has had a lot more work done as it's been really nice outside, so we might as well do it and get a little tan at the same time!

This is the front garden before we started the work we had no path from the front gate to the door; it was just mad, with some old stepping stones. We didn't even have a front step. 

We had to hire a skip as we had so much concrete to get rid off and lots of mud.
We had some help from Joe who lives a few door down... well we had a lot of help actually!

 It took a day to get the concrete up. I have to say though the council did a good job at putting it in and did make it to last (too well!).

 After that he filled it in .

We went for a curved look as I think it looks a bit softer on the eye. And i like things looking a bit different...

So this is how the the garden looks at the moment; still a bit of a mess but work is in good progress.

Mrs P

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