Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Weekend Update: 15th-16th June

This weekend was pretty much like last weekend, just no DIY - lots off food and seeing the family, but that's what weekends are all about.

It all started off by going to Romford for a bit of shopping with my mum and Little Miss P. I would have been a whole lot better if Little Miss P wasn't playing up, but hey, what can you do. I only went into Romford because I had to get a few bits and needed a Primark... but ended up getting a lot more. Oops.

That day Mr P had a gig at Clapham but it rained most of the time and only three people were there as it was outside. On a good point the band still got paid.

That afternoon we went to the pub for dinner to celebrate Father's Day with my stepdad. It was yummy but i wasn't that good, as I didn't go with a salad this time I caved in and had lasagne, but held off the dessert! And of course we saw Little Flacky.

That evening we had the McKays over for a BBQ. It was nice as we don't see them that often. I didn't eat much though as i had a big lunch. 

On Sunday I didn't wake up until 10am and it felt sooo good. Mr P was up so when Little Miss P woke up he took her downstairs, what a lovely husband I have. That afternoon we had dinner at The Young Allens' house as in a few weeks they are all going to live in Canada. I will miss all of them but i hope it works out and that we Skype them as much as we can.

I will miss the little guy 

Mrs P

Monday, 24 June 2013

Let's Go to an Air Show Part 2

After all the fun of seeing the cars we did promise Little Miss P a go on a few rides. She wanted to go on the big slide. I said she wouldn't like it but Mr P said she would love it, so she tried it, but ended up crying going up and then on the way down, so that didn't last. Then we found this little Bouncy Castle, just perfect for her. It was £2 for like 15 mins... so much money but hey, it was a day out.

The other ride see chose was the big wheel (little wheel to us!). She liked this but got a little bored after a while.

There was a little farmyard there and Little Miss P loves animals so she was delighted to see it. There were so many small animals to see... I loved it as well.

Seeing the chicks was the best thing for me - sooo cute and fluffy!

You can't go out to a summer event without having your face painted. It was £2.50 but i have to say it was worth it. The person did it so well and it lasted most of the day.

We went back to see the helicopter. There was a long Q so Little Miss P got really bored. But we tried to make it as fun as we could for her.

After that we had another Q in the Helicopter to go and sit in the front of it. I didn't get to but Mr P and Little Miss P did. They even played around driving it.

While they were talking to the pilot I found this helmet and i loved it - it looks so cool and i didn't expect to see it... so I had to take a photo of it.

The only thing we had left to do was go watch the air show. We went out of the main bit of the place and found a seat on the grass just by the car park where it was less busy.  And that meant we could go right after and miss most of the traffic coming out.

Here are some of the photos. I didn't take that many as i was enjoying the show too much but I did get some of Little Miss P and Mr P before it started.

Bless my little Family i love them to bits. We all had a great time and hope it's on again next year.

Mrs P 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The List Updated

 I was looking at my list on this blog and i have ticked two more things off it that i forgot i put on it. The first one was doing the front step in the front garden and the other one was doing the front garden.

It is a great feeling ticking things off the list. The main one I still want to do is finish my wedding album, as I really want some nice photos from it.

But everything costs money and we don't have that much, so I will be waiting a bit longer for this one.

I have added two more things to The List and they are:
Go on a Disney Cruise
Buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Mrs P

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weekend Update. 8th-9th June.

Well the weekend wasn't what i was expecting. The truth is I didn't really 
expect anything from it.

Well on Saturday Mr P and Little Miss P had a bit of a daddy and daughter day. First they went off to get their hair cut, then to Wickes to get some timber to make a new loft hatch and block in some pipe work,  then after that off to Carpetright to order our carpet for the stairs and landing.

Little Miss P had a great time helping daddy. Even if she was just standing there holding the wood or just standing there talking. That's what happened most of the day on Saturday.

Sunday came round and Mr P was still doing the woodwork. So Little Miss P and I went off to my mum's house as we were going down the pub for a bit of lunch and I could get a hug from Isabelle. She's still so cute.

I was very proud of myself when we went out to lunch, I had a salad with chicken and bacon. And it was yummy... not as yummy as a nice pizza or something, but this is better for my tummy.

This is what my step-dad and mum had, a burrito and chips... it was sooo big. I am going to have to try it when i get back from my hoilday as it looks so good.

Well that was my weekend. Let's see what next weekend has in store for me.

Mrs P

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Let's go to an Air Show - Part 1

This post is a few weeks late, sorry.

We went to Abingdon Air & Country Show on the 27th April. It was a nice hot day and we wanted a little family adventure. It was about an hour away from home so we wanted to make the most of it.
As soon as you walk in the gates you see a big army helicopter. It's huge & holds about 20 people (well that's what I think he said). We could go in it and have a look, but the queue was big so the plan was to go back later.

Little Miss P wanted to go straight on the rides, but first we came across these little ferret. There was a ferret race going on. It was only 50p to do a little bet and all the money goes to a ferret charity.

Of course we chose the white ferret, as Little Miss P has a white Guinea pig called Snuffles. We nearly won the bet but the little ferret didn't get her whole body out, just her head then went back :0(
But it was fun for all of us.

At the air show there was a display of old cars. We found this beast of an old fire engine. Little Miss P loved seeing it and wanted to see in it, but we couldn't. Sad times, but i am guessing that's due to keeping it in the best possible working order.

Little Miss P couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a Formula 1 racing car, she loves them (there's a bit of another story here, but i'll just tell a little bit of it so you get it; Mr P & Little Miss P love watching the Grand Prix together on a Sunday - they've been doing it from when Little Miss P was born). So seeing this with her daddy made her day. I think you can tell that by the her face.

I think this is a good place to stop and put the rest of the day in Part 2, so keep an eye out for it! 

Mrs P

Friday, 7 June 2013

Little Miss P's room tour

Little Miss P and I love having fun playing with the carmera, so we decided to have a small room tour, Little Miss P style!

As you can tell from the video her room was a mess while we did it, so I will have to do one when it's been cleaned up.

Mrs P & Little Miss P  

Thursday, 6 June 2013

New baby in the family

Yes we have a new baby in the family, belonging to my sister Miss Flack. She had her little girly called Isabelle Flack (aka Little Flack) born on the 4th June at 6.14am. She was 8lb 3oz with ten fingers and 10 toes and is a little cutie pie... I am so happy for my sister and her family :-)

 Here is part of the little family - Miss Flack, Little Flack and Mr Flack. As you can tell, both parents are smitten with her.

Here is me having a cuddle with her before everyone else got round to her house... she was fast asleep.

Little Miss P having a cuddle with her new baby cousin. She's a very proud big cousin.

We don't normally get all the cousins together so we had to get this photo. Will have to try and get a better at some point, without Little Miss P looking like a sardine.

Here's wishing all the luck to my sister and her family!! 

little video of Little Flack with Little Hill. Take a look and see for yourself how cute she is.

Mrs P