Thursday, 6 June 2013

New baby in the family

Yes we have a new baby in the family, belonging to my sister Miss Flack. She had her little girly called Isabelle Flack (aka Little Flack) born on the 4th June at 6.14am. She was 8lb 3oz with ten fingers and 10 toes and is a little cutie pie... I am so happy for my sister and her family :-)

 Here is part of the little family - Miss Flack, Little Flack and Mr Flack. As you can tell, both parents are smitten with her.

Here is me having a cuddle with her before everyone else got round to her house... she was fast asleep.

Little Miss P having a cuddle with her new baby cousin. She's a very proud big cousin.

We don't normally get all the cousins together so we had to get this photo. Will have to try and get a better at some point, without Little Miss P looking like a sardine.

Here's wishing all the luck to my sister and her family!! 

little video of Little Flack with Little Hill. Take a look and see for yourself how cute she is.

Mrs P


  1. Congrats :) lovely pictures :)

    Thanks for sharing with us at the weekend blog hop :)

  2. Congrats to your sister, Little Flack is beautiful :)