Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Weekend Update: 15th-16th June

This weekend was pretty much like last weekend, just no DIY - lots off food and seeing the family, but that's what weekends are all about.

It all started off by going to Romford for a bit of shopping with my mum and Little Miss P. I would have been a whole lot better if Little Miss P wasn't playing up, but hey, what can you do. I only went into Romford because I had to get a few bits and needed a Primark... but ended up getting a lot more. Oops.

That day Mr P had a gig at Clapham but it rained most of the time and only three people were there as it was outside. On a good point the band still got paid.

That afternoon we went to the pub for dinner to celebrate Father's Day with my stepdad. It was yummy but i wasn't that good, as I didn't go with a salad this time I caved in and had lasagne, but held off the dessert! And of course we saw Little Flacky.

That evening we had the McKays over for a BBQ. It was nice as we don't see them that often. I didn't eat much though as i had a big lunch. 

On Sunday I didn't wake up until 10am and it felt sooo good. Mr P was up so when Little Miss P woke up he took her downstairs, what a lovely husband I have. That afternoon we had dinner at The Young Allens' house as in a few weeks they are all going to live in Canada. I will miss all of them but i hope it works out and that we Skype them as much as we can.

I will miss the little guy 

Mrs P

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