Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Last Minute Holidays

Last Minute Holidays

As I am going on a girly holiday soon I a little bit felt bad that I wasn't going on one with my little family.
So I started looking up to see which last minute holidays I could get before Little Miss P goes back to school.

I was chatting to my sister about our girly holiday (Majorca, three weeks' time, can't wait!) and she mentioned I've used other last minute holiday sites before so I wasn't going to bother, but thought I may as well have a look. I am a bit of a bargain hunter so I always like to make sure that I have found the best deal :-) 

I was pleasantly surprised by the website and it was easy to get round (which is good for me as I'm not exactly an internet natural). With clear and simple prices, you can filter holidays by country, region, board basis, duration and the airport you want to fly from.

I looked up a 4 day holiday to Playa De Las Americas flying out of Stansted, as it's the closest airport to us.  I didn't mind about the board as long as it's clean and has a pool. That's what counts for me (not so much Mr P, he prefers walks). I also looked up Disneyland Paris as we went last Christmas and it was great so was thinking about doing it again. But after talking about it with the hubby we wanted something different to do, which is why I looked at Spain. He hasn't agreed to it yet, but I'm sure he will by the weekend :o)

These days it's so easy to pick a place that's a few hours away on a plane. For a nice hot beach you have Spain or perhaps Greece, or for a nice city break you can go pretty much anywhere in Europe. There are so many options, it's just about choosing the right one for your little family.

Mrs P's Top Five Last Minute Holiday Destinations with the kids
  • Disneyland Paris 
  • (Spain ) Tenerife 
  •  ( Greece ) Zakynthos
  • Ireland
  • (Spain) Costa Del Sol

Mrs P's checklist for choosing the right place with a little monkey...
  • Flight shouldn't been too long as it could get boring for little ones (and make everyone stressed before you've even got there!)
  • A pool with a few slides in it isn't only good fun, but also keeps the kids happy for hours!
  • A little play park for the little ones (and the grown ups, hehe) 
  • Close to the beach
  • A restaurant nearby, or in the hotel would be even better 
  •  A clean and safe place is the most important one 
Mrs P

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Oh, and have fun if you go on a last minute holiday before school starts again :o)

Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer cute outfit.

Cute summer outfit for a day of fun. 

Hello everyone , Hope your having a good day, I dont normail do this sort of post but I love this outfit on Summer so I had to, she picked it her self and was so pround of it. 

So the top is from Next it part of a set that came with grey legging even thoght on the next website its got navy legging. I pick it up for £20.00,  We didnt even  go to next to look for clothes it was to for home produts.  I just saw it out of the corner of my eye with cute bufferfly and a little bit of giltter on it. 

The skirt is from Primark  from last year it was about £5.00. Its just a nice girly skirt with bright colours  lines and flowes on. perfect for any little girly. 

Mrs P ( Nicki )   & Little Miss P ( Summer) 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cosy Summer Outfit.

Cosy Outfit

This little outfit was for the day after we spent the night at my mum's house... a nice and cosy outfit. It was a cute grey Gap jogging bottoms that we got her last week from the Gap Outlet store in Lakeside (I was upset as Mr P 'Ewan' and Summer went to Lakeside without me :-( ) They picked up the joggers and a Gap jacket for about £17.00. It will last this winter and maybe next if she doesn't grow too much.

The top is from Sainsbury's but can't remember how much. My mum picked it up for her as she knows how much she loves horses, especially white ones.

Hope you like the outfit and let us know what you think of it!

Mrs P (Nicki ) & Little Miss P (Summer) 

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Party Time 2013

It's that time of year again... our birthdays. We normally have a party every year but we haven't had one for the last two years for one reason or another. But this year we had to do one as it was the first year with Little Miss P's friends from school. She really wanted her friends to come and see her house and play with her. It was a mixed lot with mates from school, dancing  and the family. All we did for the party was hire a bouncy castle with a slide on for £94. It was meant to be only for 6 hours but we had it from 9.30am - 7pm at night, so I thought that was a really good price.

 We got the bouncy castle to make sure the kids always had something to do and to keep them busy.
My mum also made up other games like pass the parcel and little gifts for other games but we didn't use them as it went so quick and by the time I remembered them it was 4pm and the party was over -
for her friends anyway. So we'll keep them for the next party!

Little Miss P aka Summer loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast so my mum got her this cake. We also got her a Hello Kitty one from Tesco as we didn't know how many kids were coming. We still have some cake left so we will giving some to the neighbours, as I am meant to be watching what i eat (not going so well at the moment).

Overall, Little Miss P's party was good. She had a great time playing with all her friends and I had a great time watching her playing and having some random chats with her friends. Not sure what the birthday plan is next year, but i am sure Summer will want another party.

If any of you have an idea for a 6 year old girl's party, please let me know!

Mrs P

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Our Little week away

At the start of the summer holiday we went on our little family holiday to Kessingland and despite it being the British Summer, the weather was nice to us!
It was just the three us for a week away. We didn't have much planned other than going to Bressingham Steam Railway and Gardens, Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park and Africa Alive Zoo on Little Miss P's birthday. Most of the rest of the time we spent down at the beach :-)

The beach wasn't a sandy beach, it's very stony unless we walked for about 30 mins to find the sand! Little Miss P loved it but we didn't really need to go out as she loved the beach most of all.

I have to say that i am not a great fan of the beach as it really gets my goat the way sand gets everywhere and you still find it a week later! I just dont get it.

Little Miss P and Mr P were brave and put their feet in the sea. I tried but it was too cold for me; i was happy just sitting watching the two of them having fun, and reading my book.

It was nice in the evening just going for a little walk along the beach to have a think and calm little one down before bed. I have to say i can't really remember what else we got upto. I think that's a sign i need to keep up with my blog and write it down a few days after, not 3 weeks after! Lol.

Here's to trying to keep up with my blog.

Mrs P




Thursday, 22 August 2013

Little Miss P is 5

 Happy Birthday Little Miss P
aka Summer 

On the 3rd of August Summer turned 5 years old. She is now such a big girl (well that's what she thinks!) but she will always be my baby, even when she's 18 and going out to the club!

Do any of you have a Leo baby?
If so a big happy birthday to them!

Mrs P

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yes Holiday Sun.

Even though we have the sun here at the moment I haven't had a sunny abroad holiday for years... in fact about 8 years.

But this year i will be breaking it and having one. It will only be for 4 days and it will be great woohoo.

Mr P and  Little Miss P will be staying at home tho as it's all girls in my family, so my mum, sister, aunt, cousin and mum's best mate going. All i want to do is sit by the pool all day and then go to dinner and bed. But my sister and cousin have other plans; they want to go to a club! I my sound like an old fart, but really i just want to do nothing all weekend. I will just have to see what i feel like doing when i get there.

But before i can start getting excited about this holiday we have a few things beforehand like our little holiday as a family to Kessingland, Little Miss P's birthday party & the young Allens moving to Canada. We have other things that might happen beforehand but that is all still a little hush hush, and not 100 %, so keep an eye out for that ;-)

Let me know if you have any holidays soon :-)

Mrs P

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DIY Update

Well we are still doing the DIY but we are nearly there. All the walls downstairs have had one coat of duck egg on and just need the 2nd. 

All the gloss has had its 2nd coat and i hate gloss. I never want to use it again in my lifetime.

We are hoping by Sunday the new floor will be done. Its a real wood floor so we're hoping it will be nice on our feet as well as look nice when it's done. 

So here's to hoping that this will be done before we go away... we have 8 more days x

Mrs P 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sports Day Fun

It was sports day a few weeks ago and it didn't rain, woohoo (this is the second try for sports day)!! 
It was a grey day but we all had fun. Little Miss P was in the green team. There were five in her group and six in the others, so the green team won most of them lol. 

There were about six diffrent races: running, jumping, throwing, keeping the ball on the racket and a few others. Little Miss did great in most of them except in the racket and ball one, that's not her strong point.

But the sack race is her best one. She was a whizz at it and didn't fall over...
and of course the green team won! 

Little Miss P had one of her best friends in her team so that made the day even more fun.

Hope all your children had a good sports day :-)

Mrs P