Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Last Minute Holidays

Last Minute Holidays

As I am going on a girly holiday soon I a little bit felt bad that I wasn't going on one with my little family.
So I started looking up to see which last minute holidays I could get before Little Miss P goes back to school.

I was chatting to my sister about our girly holiday (Majorca, three weeks' time, can't wait!) and she mentioned I've used other last minute holiday sites before so I wasn't going to bother, but thought I may as well have a look. I am a bit of a bargain hunter so I always like to make sure that I have found the best deal :-) 

I was pleasantly surprised by the website and it was easy to get round (which is good for me as I'm not exactly an internet natural). With clear and simple prices, you can filter holidays by country, region, board basis, duration and the airport you want to fly from.

I looked up a 4 day holiday to Playa De Las Americas flying out of Stansted, as it's the closest airport to us.  I didn't mind about the board as long as it's clean and has a pool. That's what counts for me (not so much Mr P, he prefers walks). I also looked up Disneyland Paris as we went last Christmas and it was great so was thinking about doing it again. But after talking about it with the hubby we wanted something different to do, which is why I looked at Spain. He hasn't agreed to it yet, but I'm sure he will by the weekend :o)

These days it's so easy to pick a place that's a few hours away on a plane. For a nice hot beach you have Spain or perhaps Greece, or for a nice city break you can go pretty much anywhere in Europe. There are so many options, it's just about choosing the right one for your little family.

Mrs P's Top Five Last Minute Holiday Destinations with the kids
  • Disneyland Paris 
  • (Spain ) Tenerife 
  •  ( Greece ) Zakynthos
  • Ireland
  • (Spain) Costa Del Sol

Mrs P's checklist for choosing the right place with a little monkey...
  • Flight shouldn't been too long as it could get boring for little ones (and make everyone stressed before you've even got there!)
  • A pool with a few slides in it isn't only good fun, but also keeps the kids happy for hours!
  • A little play park for the little ones (and the grown ups, hehe) 
  • Close to the beach
  • A restaurant nearby, or in the hotel would be even better 
  •  A clean and safe place is the most important one 
Mrs P

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Oh, and have fun if you go on a last minute holiday before school starts again :o)

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