Friday, 23 August 2013

Our Little week away

At the start of the summer holiday we went on our little family holiday to Kessingland and despite it being the British Summer, the weather was nice to us!
It was just the three us for a week away. We didn't have much planned other than going to Bressingham Steam Railway and Gardens, Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park and Africa Alive Zoo on Little Miss P's birthday. Most of the rest of the time we spent down at the beach :-)

The beach wasn't a sandy beach, it's very stony unless we walked for about 30 mins to find the sand! Little Miss P loved it but we didn't really need to go out as she loved the beach most of all.

I have to say that i am not a great fan of the beach as it really gets my goat the way sand gets everywhere and you still find it a week later! I just dont get it.

Little Miss P and Mr P were brave and put their feet in the sea. I tried but it was too cold for me; i was happy just sitting watching the two of them having fun, and reading my book.

It was nice in the evening just going for a little walk along the beach to have a think and calm little one down before bed. I have to say i can't really remember what else we got upto. I think that's a sign i need to keep up with my blog and write it down a few days after, not 3 weeks after! Lol.

Here's to trying to keep up with my blog.

Mrs P





  1. there is nothing quite like a little beach getaway!

    1. Thanks for reading just read your blog and love it x

  2. I know what you mean about the sand. We went with our grand kids and sand was still popping up days later.. It's the best vacation though.. we are beach lovers

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    2. I would be a beach lover if i didnt have to take most of it home with me. x