Saturday, 24 August 2013

Party Time 2013

It's that time of year again... our birthdays. We normally have a party every year but we haven't had one for the last two years for one reason or another. But this year we had to do one as it was the first year with Little Miss P's friends from school. She really wanted her friends to come and see her house and play with her. It was a mixed lot with mates from school, dancing  and the family. All we did for the party was hire a bouncy castle with a slide on for £94. It was meant to be only for 6 hours but we had it from 9.30am - 7pm at night, so I thought that was a really good price.

 We got the bouncy castle to make sure the kids always had something to do and to keep them busy.
My mum also made up other games like pass the parcel and little gifts for other games but we didn't use them as it went so quick and by the time I remembered them it was 4pm and the party was over -
for her friends anyway. So we'll keep them for the next party!

Little Miss P aka Summer loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast so my mum got her this cake. We also got her a Hello Kitty one from Tesco as we didn't know how many kids were coming. We still have some cake left so we will giving some to the neighbours, as I am meant to be watching what i eat (not going so well at the moment).

Overall, Little Miss P's party was good. She had a great time playing with all her friends and I had a great time watching her playing and having some random chats with her friends. Not sure what the birthday plan is next year, but i am sure Summer will want another party.

If any of you have an idea for a 6 year old girl's party, please let me know!

Mrs P

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