Monday, 5 August 2013

Sports Day Fun

It was sports day a few weeks ago and it didn't rain, woohoo (this is the second try for sports day)!! 
It was a grey day but we all had fun. Little Miss P was in the green team. There were five in her group and six in the others, so the green team won most of them lol. 

There were about six diffrent races: running, jumping, throwing, keeping the ball on the racket and a few others. Little Miss did great in most of them except in the racket and ball one, that's not her strong point.

But the sack race is her best one. She was a whizz at it and didn't fall over...
and of course the green team won! 

Little Miss P had one of her best friends in her team so that made the day even more fun.

Hope all your children had a good sports day :-)

Mrs P

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