Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer cute outfit.

Cute summer outfit for a day of fun. 

Hello everyone , Hope your having a good day, I dont normail do this sort of post but I love this outfit on Summer so I had to, she picked it her self and was so pround of it. 

So the top is from Next it part of a set that came with grey legging even thoght on the next website its got navy legging. I pick it up for £20.00,  We didnt even  go to next to look for clothes it was to for home produts.  I just saw it out of the corner of my eye with cute bufferfly and a little bit of giltter on it. 

The skirt is from Primark  from last year it was about £5.00. Its just a nice girly skirt with bright colours  lines and flowes on. perfect for any little girly. 

Mrs P ( Nicki )   & Little Miss P ( Summer) 

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