Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yes Holiday Sun.

Even though we have the sun here at the moment I haven't had a sunny abroad holiday for years... in fact about 8 years.

But this year i will be breaking it and having one. It will only be for 4 days and it will be great woohoo.

Mr P and  Little Miss P will be staying at home tho as it's all girls in my family, so my mum, sister, aunt, cousin and mum's best mate going. All i want to do is sit by the pool all day and then go to dinner and bed. But my sister and cousin have other plans; they want to go to a club! I my sound like an old fart, but really i just want to do nothing all weekend. I will just have to see what i feel like doing when i get there.

But before i can start getting excited about this holiday we have a few things beforehand like our little holiday as a family to Kessingland, Little Miss P's birthday party & the young Allens moving to Canada. We have other things that might happen beforehand but that is all still a little hush hush, and not 100 %, so keep an eye out for that ;-)

Let me know if you have any holidays soon :-)

Mrs P

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