Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hallway update

Hello everyone.

I think this is how I left it with you with before, with no carpet anywhere. We got the wooden floor laid one day and the carpet came the next morning. Then that afternoon we went on our little holiday away to Kessingland.

As i haven't updated you on the hallway work for a while I am pleased to say it's done... well nearly done... very nearly done! All the paint is on the wall, the floor is down and the carpet is down, we have a nice mirror up and a hallway seat. We just haven't cut or painted the skirting yet and we're going to get the front door French polished (as we know someone who can do it for us).

Now that Little Miss P is back at school we can start getting into a bit more of a routine and get the skirting done in one weekend in September. I hope so anyway x

I will doing a little blog post about the mirror and seat in the next few days so keep an eye out for it x

Mrs P

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