Thursday, 26 September 2013

Holiday Tmo.... Wednesday 11th September

Written on Wednesday 11th September 

Yes, I go on holiday tmo and I can't wait. The plan was to go and get my legs, eyebrows & bikini line waxed  as well as have my eyelash tint done. Well most of that happened this morning but my leg hair was too short so I couldn't  have that done. Everything else was fine though, although I had forgotton how much the waxing hurts as it's been so long. I will just have to find something else to use use on my legs.

As I write this I am sitting at Woodford Station waiting for my Hainault train home, listening to the male staff talk about babies on boobs and saying the word 'Mama'. OK then... not sure how to take that, and now somehow they've got onto the subject of Aliens. It's funny really. it gives me something to listen to. 

   As I was early for my appointment I went and got myself a magazine and found a little café to sit in. But it wasn't just any café, it was a pottery café where you paint a mug, plate and lots more things. I got a little excited as I love doing it with Little Miss P in Center Parcs, so I am going to go and take Little Miss P and even Miss Henderson with me, as I know they would both love it.    

   It's 1.37pm and I am sitting with a test patch of Veet hair removal cream on my leg that I picked up on the way in. I have to wait 24 hours to see if I react to it, so I will have to take the rest on holiday with me to do when I get there, or I might be able to do the rest just before we go. That's if it even works, which I hope it does.

 It's now 1.47pm and the test patch has worked. Just need to see if my skin has a reaction to it now.

I have now got Little Miss P from school and she is in the front room with her dance / singing teacher getting ready for her first ever solo at the dance festival on Sunday. I am so upset that it landed on the day i am on holiday, but as the other half said she will have plenty more. I just hope she does ok and does not cry.

But I am going to be a very proud mummy whatever happens.

Mrs P

P.S. My skin was fine.

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