Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Go Away, 12th Sep 2013

I wrote this on the day of going away. 

( At the airport ) 

Yes it is the day I go on holiday. It's 10.13am and I have already taken little miss to school, put a load of washing on, done all the washing up, packed the suitcase and got everything ready for the weekend for Mr P, with Little Miss P's show outfit out. Also been to Boots to buy a new hair bursh and disposible razor. I had to get men's one though as they didn't have any women's ones left.
Now time for a bath and a chill out until I get picked up at 1.45pm.

( On the plane ) 
Well I am on the plane now and we have great seats for Ryanair - we're by an exit so lots of leg room. We got to the airport by 2.30pm so had lots of time to get drink and food, and as you can tell I had a glass of wine. Hehe. Now we're going to order a pina colada, oh yes.
I miss Little Miss P but while she's not here I am going to enjoy myself.
We must have a stag party on the plane as there are 16 guys near us. Nice group tho. I think my auntie, mum and her mate are enjoying chatting them up.

( Fish face on the plane )
Even tho we left late we made it there early so I am guessing the wind was behind us, lucky us (and that Ryanair always add extra time to the flight).
Now we're on the way to the hotel to have a good night's sleep before a full day of sun... well I hope so anyway.

( On the bus on the way to airport )

We're now in the hotel. It's a good size 3 star appartment. I am in the frontroom bed as the other ones are scared to be in the front on their own. Going to find a shop now to get some water and some tea bags for the morning.

Mrs P

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