Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Photo Gallery 158... Faces

This week I am giving Sticky Finger Weekly Photo Gallery a go again. I've done it once before so I am excited to try again and i might even find some new blogs to follow

I have jumped in with number 158 (yes, I know I have missed loads of them) and it's to do with faces, and as this blog is all about my little family I just had to put this up!

This is a close up of Little Miss P's eyes and nose... I find this photo a little scary on here really, but i love how blue her eyes are in it! Not so sure why the bags under her eyes are so big.

This is a normal photo of Little Miss P when she's not doing funny faces or wanting a close up of any part of her body.

Hope everyone has been enjoying they week so far.

Mrs P

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