Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whats in the Bag? #2

So what is in this pretty Disney Princess bag?

Well it's nothing that interesting other than the food I bought today. I am always so nosey to see what people have in their basket or shopping trolley. I don't know why, I just find it interesting.

So first is the bread for £1, then Weetabix Chocolate big pack (it works out better value than buying the small one) and 2 x Spaghetti Hoops (Little Miss P loves this on toast)... well not ON toast, it has to be on a different plate or in a bowl.

And last but not least, four bags of Haribos... not to eat all at once, just they were on offer at 59p each and Little Miss P loves them, so I stocked up.

I also picked these up when I went into Boots just to buy one, but it was on 3 for 2 so I might as well get three and put the other two aside for when I need them. It would have cost £6.66, so if I had bought three for full price it would have cost £19.98... as it was on the 3 for 2 I paid £13.32 and I got my Boots points too :-)

 Hope you enjoyed my little random blog post... Let us know if you find any good offers this week.

Mrs P 

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Friday, 25 October 2013

A Cosy Bedtime

At bedtime I love to feel cozy and warm in the winter, and Little Miss P takes after her mummy (me), hehe...
wanting to feel warm and cozy. So we thought we would show you Little Miss P's best winter PJs.

She gets into these lovely thin but warm PJs after her nice warm bath (her onesie). My mum bought them for her I think from Sainsbury's, are age 5-6 and fit her perfectly. I don't think they will last until next winter tho... not if she carries on growing the way she is!

Her dressing gown is from Sainsbury's and my mum got this for her as well. She picked it up last winter and it still fits her and is still in very good condition. Even tho it's been washed lots of times and has been sitting in the back of her wardrobe over the summer, it's still nice and fluffy.

As you may be able to tell from the photo she loves having the hood up... she said it keeps her ears warm.
Hope you like Little Miss P's winter PJs. Let us know what you think and if your little ones or even you have a favourite pair of PJs :-)

Mrs P

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Photo Gallery 162: Body parts

There are so many bits of Little Miss P's body that I love, but it's her hands, lips and eyes that I love the most. It used to be her little bottom when she was a baby - just so cute, chubby and kissable.

Anyway, back on the subject of her hands, I get to hold these little hands every single day and I love it, she's got the softest hands in the world. She will squeeze her hands against mine if she's a little bit scared or when she's feeling excited. I know they're just hands, but you can tell how she's feeling just by holding them and watching what she does with them.

Mrs P

Matey bubble fun adventurers review

I got a lovely email a few weeks ago asking if I would review this little Matey bubble fun bath book. So I thought why not - I love reading to Little Miss P all the time, and she always has a bath just before bed. So I thought this might help her calm down more.

Matey Bubble Fun is
 Written By Emma Greaves with illustrations by Bob Wagner

My Review 

When I first saw it I thought that it might be a bit young for Little Miss P as she's 5 and it's more aimed at my nephew Master Hill who is 3. But i have to say Little Miss P loved it. She read most of it herself  in the bath while i was sitting next to the bath helping her out with some of the words. I love the fact that if you drop it in the bath it dosen't matter... just leave it out to dry and it's fine.

The illustrations are colourful and I love one at the back of book, with the two crabs taking out the bath plug.

It's a very simple book in a good way, as you don't want them over thinking things before bed. I would recommend this little book to you for your little ones. I would say from about 6mths to when they find the book too easy to read themselves, so about 6 years.

I will be telling my sisters about this for their little ones and I will let you know if they like it too.

Little Miss P's Review 

"Mummy, this book can get wet and the Molly Matey can swim underwater. Can I have a Molly Matey mermaid toy for Christmas please?"

I also got some info about new research about bathtime (a very interesting read), saying that over half of parents (60 per cent) believe bathtime to be the best parent-child bonding experience. Also the research has the top ten parents-children bonding experiences, so here's the top five:

1) Having a cuddle (29 per cent)

2) Playing together (22 per cent)

3) Reading a story (15 per cent)

4) Bathtime (9 per cent)

5) Chatting to your baby (6 per cent)

Let me know what you think of the research and if you agree with it.

What do you find works best for you and your little one while bonding?

Mrs P & Little Miss P 

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

Monday, 21 October 2013

October Favourites

I don't normally do these type of blog posts but I am going to give it a go and I am going to try and do a bit on my new Youtube channel.

So every month Little Miss P and I will both be doing this, picking five things each. It could be a type of food, clothing, toy or drink etc., you know what I mean.
So here is the first month of my favourites...

My Top Five

1) A fun size Twirl. Oh yes i love them with a cup of tea at about 11am, or if I miss that, at about 2pm just before getting the little one from school.

2) Soap & Glory Hand Food. I get really dry hands in the Winter, so this works great for me and Little Miss P uses it sometimes as well @ Boots £5.00

3) Soap & Glory Body Butter. I use this on my legs and tummy and I use this on Mr P's back when i give him a massage @ Boots £10.50

4) Hotel Babylon. The hubby and I love watching this in the evening as it's good wind down TV before bed with no bad words. It dosen't take a lot of thinking when watching, it's just a good ol' TV show, at the moment selling for £12.98 on play.com

5) My iPad. Only had it about 1 month and I love it. So does Little Miss P as she has a few learning games on it.

Little Miss P Favourites

1) Colouring. She loves it and can sit for hours just colouring away and being in her own little world.

2)  Fairy shimmer lotion. It has has a tiny bit a glittle in it. She likes wearing this to parties or just when she's dressing up. She says it makes her feel like a Queen!

3) This is Joey. He is my teddy bear Mr P got me when we first met (I was 16). But ever since Little Miss P was born she has kind of taken him and lives in her room. Sometimes on the box and sometimes on  her bed.

4) Haribo Horror Mix
Little Miss P loves Haribos and I saw these in my local Nisa shop for 59p so I bought 4 of them just to keep in the cupboard.

5) Shark Tale the movie. She really likes it at the moment. We watch this as a family all sitting in the sofa @ play for £3.97

Well I hope you like our October Favourites. Might even do a November one. Let us know if we should or not.

Mrs P & Little Miss P

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

She likes to be in her own world

The Photo Gallery: Week 161

Little Miss P likes to be in her own little world. As she's an only child I think she has learnt to play on her own and go into her own little world.

(Making up a bed in her little bedroom in the den)

She's been able to do it from the age of 3 years. I was a little worried at first as it was at the time off starting school, but i never needed to worry as she was fine. She's made lots of friends and it seems to be that she makes up most of the games she plays with her friends.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post :-)

Mrs P

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Bewilderwood Fun

Hey everyone!

We went to Bewilderwood about a week ago and had the most amazing time. We went with the Woolfalls (Mr P's sister and her family).  It was just great fun and not as busy as I expected it to be.  We had said that we should all go to Bewilderwood back in August but only just got round to it.

(Little Miss P and Small A Woolfall on the zip wire)

Bewilderwood was great for all of us. Litttle Miss P and Small A Woolfall had a great time on the zip wire and climbing all over things. Teenager Woolfall had fun climbing on things too, but not so much on the zip wire. Mr P and Mr Woolfall had a great time building the den, and Mrs Woolfall and I had a great time  watching, taking photos and me taking some video of them. We also liked going on all the sildes and I loved the zip wire!

(Me on one of the slides)

The food was great as it matched the whole natural feel of the place. I had a hot dog, Mr P had a jacket potato and Little Miss P had a packed lunch box thing that had a sandwich, chips, drink and a jelly. I think she loved it as she finished it all up. It's not cheap food but is about the same price as you'll find in a theme park. All very tasty. 

 (Little Miss P and her best pal for the day, Small A Woolfall) 

After a full day at Bewilderwood Little Miss P was so tired and that was good for us as we had a 2 and a half hour car ride home and she was fast asleep most of the way. 

 Here is a little video I put together of our fun at Bewilderwood. Please check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thelifeofmrsp. I will be doing lots more videos of my little family. 

If you want to know more about Bewilderwood check out the website http://www.bewilderwood.co.uk/
it's so fun for kids and the grown ups...

Mrs P

P.S.: Sorry Mrs Woolfall I took the photos from your facebook x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Home Time....16th September 2013

Yes, today is the day that we go home, and we are very sad. But I am happy to be going back to see my little Princess and the hubby (well i suppose the hubby!).
We did have a few hours of sitting in the sun in the morning just before we went. It was only for 4 hours but it topped up the tan.

The pick up bus was spot on time, and we had a few other pick ups. We got to the airport in good time, did a bit of shopping, got a bit of food and then on the plane back to the UK.

It wasn't the best flight on the way home as there was turbulence most of the way and the landing was really bad... I didn't like it one bit!

After that we all went our own way. My auntie and cousin went home to Peterborough,
Mum's mate when on her own back to Wanstead and Mum, my sister and I went back to Chigwell to drop me off then back to Buckhurst Hill for them.

I was glad that Little Miss P was awake when i got home because i gave her a great big hug and kiss and gave her a little gift that i got her.

Now time to chill out with a hot coco and watch a bit of telly.

Mrs P

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day Three (A very hot day )

Day Three in Palma Nova,15th September 2013
Today has been pretty much the same as the others but it was the hottest day so far. We spent a lot more time in the pool, and put more sunscreen on.

We did make it out of the complex to dinner at about 9pm, like we normally do. The photo below is of my Auntie Mrs Fairbrass, Cousin Miss Fairbrass and me, in the toilet at the restaurant.

 While we were at the restaurant there were about 20 men behind us on a stag party... and from Essex! My Auntie wanted a photo with them so me being me (and i will never see them again) i moved my chair over to their table and asked if we could have our photo taken with them. They said yes! There are three men in this photo, but you can't see one of them as he seems to be hiding at the back.

After that we all just went back to have a drink in the bar until we went back to pack our bags ready to go home, as we were getting picked up at midday the next day.

It was a fun last night in Palma Nova and I can't wait to go back.

Mrs P

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day One in Palma Nova.

( Me on the first day )

Well hello from Palma Nova. I am by the pool and that's where I am staying for most of the day. We went out for breakfast to a pub called Eastenders - where else would we go while on holiday. Not many children here as their back at school, that's what I am guessing.

It's about 5.44pm and we're still by the pool. Miss Fairbrass has gone in as she's not feeling well at the moment. I don't think I could spend too much more time out here.
After saying that it's now 6.22pm and I'm still out here, but it's a bit cold now so I will be going in.

 I am writing the rest of this post the next morning with my cup of tea.  After we came in all we did was have a shower, get dressed and go out for dinner. We didn't end up home until 11pm - not too sure how we ended up back so late.

Well that's day one done... now on for day two.

Mrs P