Friday, 11 October 2013

Bewilderwood Fun

Hey everyone!

We went to Bewilderwood about a week ago and had the most amazing time. We went with the Woolfalls (Mr P's sister and her family).  It was just great fun and not as busy as I expected it to be.  We had said that we should all go to Bewilderwood back in August but only just got round to it.

(Little Miss P and Small A Woolfall on the zip wire)

Bewilderwood was great for all of us. Litttle Miss P and Small A Woolfall had a great time on the zip wire and climbing all over things. Teenager Woolfall had fun climbing on things too, but not so much on the zip wire. Mr P and Mr Woolfall had a great time building the den, and Mrs Woolfall and I had a great time  watching, taking photos and me taking some video of them. We also liked going on all the sildes and I loved the zip wire!

(Me on one of the slides)

The food was great as it matched the whole natural feel of the place. I had a hot dog, Mr P had a jacket potato and Little Miss P had a packed lunch box thing that had a sandwich, chips, drink and a jelly. I think she loved it as she finished it all up. It's not cheap food but is about the same price as you'll find in a theme park. All very tasty. 

 (Little Miss P and her best pal for the day, Small A Woolfall) 

After a full day at Bewilderwood Little Miss P was so tired and that was good for us as we had a 2 and a half hour car ride home and she was fast asleep most of the way. 

 Here is a little video I put together of our fun at Bewilderwood. Please check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel I will be doing lots more videos of my little family. 

If you want to know more about Bewilderwood check out the website
it's so fun for kids and the grown ups...

Mrs P

P.S.: Sorry Mrs Woolfall I took the photos from your facebook x


  1. Oh I wish I was on that big slippery dip...that looks like sooo much fun! x

    1. it was so much fun you should watch the video I made my husband even went on the it.