Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day One in Palma Nova.

( Me on the first day )

Well hello from Palma Nova. I am by the pool and that's where I am staying for most of the day. We went out for breakfast to a pub called Eastenders - where else would we go while on holiday. Not many children here as their back at school, that's what I am guessing.

It's about 5.44pm and we're still by the pool. Miss Fairbrass has gone in as she's not feeling well at the moment. I don't think I could spend too much more time out here.
After saying that it's now 6.22pm and I'm still out here, but it's a bit cold now so I will be going in.

 I am writing the rest of this post the next morning with my cup of tea.  After we came in all we did was have a shower, get dressed and go out for dinner. We didn't end up home until 11pm - not too sure how we ended up back so late.

Well that's day one done... now on for day two.

Mrs P

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