Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Photo Gallery 162: Body parts

There are so many bits of Little Miss P's body that I love, but it's her hands, lips and eyes that I love the most. It used to be her little bottom when she was a baby - just so cute, chubby and kissable.

Anyway, back on the subject of her hands, I get to hold these little hands every single day and I love it, she's got the softest hands in the world. She will squeeze her hands against mine if she's a little bit scared or when she's feeling excited. I know they're just hands, but you can tell how she's feeling just by holding them and watching what she does with them.

Mrs P


  1. Lovely photos, and you are so right - you can tell a lot about how they a feeling through what they are doing with their hands x

    1. Yep most people dont take the time to see it x

  2. I chose hands as well for my post. There is nothing nicer than when your child reaches for your hand. My little boy still does it all the time - not self consious yet and I love it