Thursday, 28 November 2013

Novermber Favourites

We at the end of November, oh my... Not long now until Christmas.

My Favourites

Yes, it's a Yankee Candle  Merry Marshallow smells so good, just like marshallow. My auntie wants one for Christmas so I think I will have to get it for her.

 I have a cold at the moment so i am loving this as it gives me the best night's sleep with my blocked  up nose.

Costa are doing the best hot coco at the moment - it's honeycomb and cream and tastes so good. I would definitely recommend it... Can't wait to go and get my next one!

 Ok this is a bit of a wierd one, it's soap but it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange. It smells so good and I picked it up for only 75p. I think it was because it was on an offer and I'm glad!

Galaxy Honeycomb... it's so tasty, i love it... and it was only £1!

Little Miss P's Favourites

A good puzzle. She loves a puzzle and it has to be about 100 pieces now as all the others
are too easy for her.

These cute boots are from Sainsbury's. Little Miss P picked them out... i am guessing only because of the sparkles on the back of them!

A box! It's amazing how much fun you can have with it. You can turn it into a house, paint it... it goes as far as your imagination can take you and she's been having a lot of fun with it.

Little Miss P loves reading since school. She started off with Biff, Chip and Kipper books so I bought her a few for home. At the moment we're on this one, Level 4 and it's perfect for her to read in bed on her own or with me.

Little Miss P's Christmas Tree. It stays in her room and she decorated it herself. She loves it. It did have some tree chocolates on it but she ate them x

Hope you liked our November Favourites. Please let us know what your favourite is.

Mrs P & Little Miss P

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Costa Hot Coco

Evening everyone.
Hope your weekend has been good.

Here is just a little post to tell you about these new gorgeous Honeycomb Hot Chocolates from Costa. Oh my.
I went shopping with Mr P to Bluewater and he had a Costa gift voucher to use, so halfway round we stopped for our drink. I was just going to get a normal Hot Coco but then I saw it - the Honeycomb and Cream one; I just had to give it a go as I Love Honeycomb. I am so glad I did! For the rest of Christmas I will be going to Costa to get this and not Starbucks... unless Starbucks do a honeycomb one too :-)  

Mrs P

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Update on the Business

Well hello everyone, hope you're well!

Well let's just get down to business, lol, sorry I couldn't help saying that :-) 

Well it's not going great, we found out that the current owner of the building is selling up so now it looks like we have to wait to ask permission from the new owner once the sale goes through. That's if it does go through, and who knows how long that will take. It's really getting on my goat, and I think it will be pissing the owner of the shop we want to buy off as well.

So for now I have booked a viewing for another shop. That one would be a 'start from the beginning', not a shop that's already set up and going. It will be harder work but a lot more fulfilling as well I think. We are going to see it on the 29th November.

The person I spoke to on the phone who will be doing the viewing didn't sound that happy and it sounded like she thought I was wasting her time. If people act like that it really annoys me as if you don't like the sound of me or something, just say sorry we can't do that day or sorry you don't sound like the right sort of person we're after.

Sorry for my rant. I just needed to get say it.

Mrs P

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

I don't really get it.

I have finally watched the John Lewis ad and I have to say I don't really get it. It's lovely with the bear and the rabbit being friends and you want to be with your friends at Christmas, but other than that, I don't see what it's got to do with John Lewis. It didn't show any of the products other than the clock.

I love Lilly Allen song on it, but that's really about it.

The 2011 one was in a league of it's own, with the boy waiting around for Christmas so he can give his mum and dad their gift; it's so sweet. And I can see Little Miss P doing that and coming into our room in the morning with a gift for us.

Let me know what you think of the John Lewis ad.
Is it as good as everyone says, or has it not lived up to the hype?

Mrs P

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Friday, 22 November 2013

It's Been a Month

It's been about a month since Little Miss P and I started our weekly videos
and we are having lots of fun. This week's one wasn't what we had been up to this week as I have a had a cold, so we sat down and did a Clintons Haul. It was really fun and Little Miss P did a great job with it.

My video skills are still not that great we are blurry and it's really light... my hair isn't really that blonde or ginger, it's darker than that. So next time I will try to sit closer to it, or I am not sure really. maybe just have less light in the room.

Not sure what next. I might do one on my own with what I have got Little Miss P for Christmas, I just need to be brave.

If you have any ideas what we could do next let us know.

Mrs P

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Little Miss P's Parents' Evening

We had Little Miss P's Parents' Evening last week and I had a good idea what her teacher was going to say as Little Miss P tells me what she does at school.

Well, she's doing great - she just needs to be a bit more confident in herself as she knows the answers, just doesn't put her hand up. Me and the Husband never put out hands up at school so I am guessing she gets it from us.

Her teacher asked her what the best thing about school is and she said Miss Rose. It was very sweet of Little Miss P to say that so her teacher asked her what else and she said maths. I don't think that's true as we never talk about that at home. She always tells me about Art and her reading but never maths.

We were given three things to work on at home...

1) Work on her sentences, putting capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and a little dot for a full stop and not a big circle.

2) Not writing over her writing and to use finger spaces more as she is using them, but not all the time.

3) Last of all to be more confident.

That's parents' evening out of the way for a bit. I am very proud of her and how well she's doing.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Photo Gallery Week 165: Nature

So this week's photo gallery is all about Nature. 

I love nature; going for a walk with my family in the forest and then going to Devon where we have family, taking in all the nature of Dartmoor National Park. We go down there at least three times a year and we always love driving through Postbridge. All it has is the bridge, a post office and a pub. In the summer time you would find loads of people just sitting around it with their feet in the water, or just laying on the grass.

There is so much to see in nature and so many things you can do... you just have to go and find it.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Photo Gallary Week 164: A Younger Me

A Younger Me 

Hi everyone, hope your week's been good so far.

So this week's Photo Gallery is a younger me.
I wasn't sure how young I wanted to go until I found this cute photo of me kissing a dophin when I was 17 years old at Discovery Cove. That is now 10 years ago, oh my, putting it like that makes me sound so old... I didn't think it was that long ago, but it was.

I loved it, I really want to go back and do it again but I am waiting until Little Miss P is at least 8 years old so she can enjoy it and not be scared of swimming with them.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I have finally got round to putting up the Center Parcs Winter Wonderland 
What to wear- Kids essentials
 It was meant to go up at the same time as the blog post went up. But didnt finish it in time.  

I have now so here it is


Mrs P 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Let's Start Something New

Evening Everyone.

At the moment I have two new adventures and I am very excited about both of them.

The first one is a Little Miss P and I project; we have started to make little videos and take photos of us on my iPad, just of day to day life. And then when she's at school I put a week's worth all together and put it up on youtube. It's not much but we both enjoy it and have fun making them, so if you're bored and fancy a look, go and check it out @

This is week Four, the most up-to-date one. My video skills are not that great at the moment, but it will get better as time goes on (I hope)!

The second thing is a family project. I say family, it's really my little project and another couple we know.
We are buying a business, well, taking over a business hopefully. Can't really say what it is at the moment, but as soon as I can I will say.

If I get brave with my videoing skills I will try and video the process of it as well.

We're at the stage where I am waiting indoors for the two solicitors to ring me back. I've been waiting most of the day and it's now 2.00pm (when I wrote this) and I have waited most of yesterday for them to call. If I don't get a call today I will be ringing again on Monday and asking if they want my money or not as it's starting to get on my goat a bit... not great customer service at the moment.

Let's hope they will get back to me soon. Please get back to me!

My husband has his own little project and that's setting up a brass band Christmas concert. The link to their twitter is here, so if your're in Essex pop along. It will make you feel very Christmassy!

I hope you liked seeing what my little family are up to. Why not leave a comment and let me know what adventures you have going on :-)

Mrs P 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Clintons Xmas Haul

I have been shopping again in Clintons, oh dear...!!
I mainly went in for some birthday cards for Little Miss P's friends as she seems to be having lots of birthday parties to go to at the moment.
All the cards I got were around 69p - 99p each. I didn't want to spend lots of money on them as they will just be put in the bin. I got about 12 of them.

 I also wanted to pick up some of the Christmas Yankee Candles and see if they have any of the Vanilla Cupcake ones in stock as that's the fragrance I love. They only had one pack of tealights in Vanillla Cupcake and that was it so I was a little bit upset by that.

Here are the Christmas ones I picked up. Christmas Cookie and Merry Marshmallow... there are so many more but these two are the best.

I picked up this little dude for a Christmas gift for a family member. Can't say who just in case they read this blog... he was the only one left on the shelf so we had to get him.

I also picked up this for Little Miss P, her Thorntons advent calendar. It's really sweet but cost more then I would normally spend on one.

This was a bit of an 'Oh that looks good' moment for me. It's for the little one to do in her week off on a wet day. Not sure how to do it, so might need to read it before i give it to her.

And last but no means least, wrapping paper. It was buy one get one half price so I picked up four different ones, so there should be one to suit eveyone in the family.

Mrs P 

The other places you can find us is here on youtube @

Thursday, 7 November 2013

What to pack for Center Parcs Winter Wonderland

At last year's Center Parcs Winter wonderland

Woohoo, in five weeks I go to Center Parcs with the family for the Winter Wonderland. We are only going for the weekend but I can't wait. I went last year with the family... you can see here and here what we got up to.

So here is a little Blog post of what I take for a weekend.

(One of the outfits we will be taking with us) 

They are a few essentials you need to take for Winter Wonderland;
1) Snowboots 2) Trainers  3) Swimsuit x2
  4) Of course your underwear. I would take two more then you need just in case it rains a lot and you get soaked through. 5) A little fancy dress outfit or party dress for the children, as my daughter loves it for the evening disco 6) Nice warm PJs and a dressing gown for after baths in the villa 7) Hat, gloves and scarf, as it can get very cold walking from the valla to the centre.

Little Miss P's new snow boots and nice cosy boots 

 I am not usually a jogging bottom sort of girl, but in Center Parcs I can be... it's just so much easier when you're playing badminton and easy to get on and off when getting changed for swimming. I still take my jeans and a nice shirt and boots for a nice dinner with the family and maybe a game of bowling afterwards. There is no need to take a really nice going out outfit as as you might stick out like a sore thumb. If you do want to spend some money, spend it on a new swimsuit or a bikini as you be spending most of the time in the pool!

(Another outfit we will be taking with us)

Other than that, you;re all good to go.

I have started to put a little youtube video together as well. Hoping that it will be up soon :-)

Mrs P

I will be putting lots of photos on my Instagram when I am there, so if you want to check them out here is the link

Monday, 4 November 2013

Starting to Plan Christmas

Hey everyone, hope you are all well and starting to plan Christmas now that Halloween is out of the way.

 I have started my planning back in January when i bought cards and some gifts for my Niece and Nephew in the sale. I just have so many of them that Christmas could start to cost a small fortune if I don't buy some things then.

So far I have got 7 peoples' pressies, woohoo. Still have lots to get, but I think I have made a good start. Most of the people's gifts I have got are for my Nieces and Nephews on the other half's side. Over the next few days I will be ordering for the Niece on my side who's 13. She told me what she wants, and that's Minecraft on the Xbox... it's about £12.99 I think.

I will be getting the Hubby a PS3 as that is what he's asked for and the F1 game to go with it. I have already got a few little things for Little Miss P that I have been picking up over the year, but she has so much already she doesn't really need much stuff.

I need to think about everyone else now, but not sure what to get them.

If you have any idea what I could get for my Sister and my Cousin, please let me know!

Mrs P

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Tiny Home Haul.

This is a tiny home haul but I spent a lot of money... way too much money but I did love everything that I got!

First is this gorgeous mirror that I bought from John Lewis. It's the smoke engraved mirror 102 x76cm. As we have just done up our hallway and landing I wanted a new mirror just by the front door so we can check ourselves just before we leave the house. I first saw it online but i like to go and see it first, so we went to Bluewater that weekend, had a look and bought it. The price of it was £180 and it did take us a lot to buy it as it's a lot of money, but it will be in the house for ages until we break it or redo the hallway again.

We got this at the same time as the mirror but I bought it online for £175 as I first saw it at a Next home somewhere.
 It's a hall seat and I was looking at a few others as I really wanted one so that Little Miss P could sit on it and put her shoes on before school, instead of sitting on the stairs and getting in the way when we're trying to leave the house!

I got this one as it had two storage baskets underneath. One I gave to Little Miss P for her shoes, dancing bag and school bag. The other has mine and the hubby's shoes in it... it saves us just thowing them on the floor and leaving them there!

The top bit had a plain cushion on top of it and with children in the house it was not wise as we didn't want sticky fingers to ruin it within a week! So I bought some fabric from John Leiws and asked Mr P's mum to make a cover for me, as I am not great with a sewing machine... Well I haven't used one since school!

The fabric is still a light colour but now I can take it off and wash it... so easy! So if you do end up buying this, get a cover for it.

And last but not least this little candle holder. Not sure where I am going to put it yet but I really like it and it was only £3.00 from BHS I think. Even if I don't use it right now it will be put aside until I need it. Or maybe a little Xmas gift for someone.

Hope you enjoyed my tiny home haul. I will add a link for the mirror and hall seat below.

Mrs P