Friday, 22 November 2013

It's Been a Month

It's been about a month since Little Miss P and I started our weekly videos
and we are having lots of fun. This week's one wasn't what we had been up to this week as I have a had a cold, so we sat down and did a Clintons Haul. It was really fun and Little Miss P did a great job with it.

My video skills are still not that great we are blurry and it's really light... my hair isn't really that blonde or ginger, it's darker than that. So next time I will try to sit closer to it, or I am not sure really. maybe just have less light in the room.

Not sure what next. I might do one on my own with what I have got Little Miss P for Christmas, I just need to be brave.

If you have any ideas what we could do next let us know.

Mrs P

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