Thursday, 21 November 2013

Little Miss P's Parents' Evening

We had Little Miss P's Parents' Evening last week and I had a good idea what her teacher was going to say as Little Miss P tells me what she does at school.

Well, she's doing great - she just needs to be a bit more confident in herself as she knows the answers, just doesn't put her hand up. Me and the Husband never put out hands up at school so I am guessing she gets it from us.

Her teacher asked her what the best thing about school is and she said Miss Rose. It was very sweet of Little Miss P to say that so her teacher asked her what else and she said maths. I don't think that's true as we never talk about that at home. She always tells me about Art and her reading but never maths.

We were given three things to work on at home...

1) Work on her sentences, putting capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and a little dot for a full stop and not a big circle.

2) Not writing over her writing and to use finger spaces more as she is using them, but not all the time.

3) Last of all to be more confident.

That's parents' evening out of the way for a bit. I am very proud of her and how well she's doing.

Mrs P


  1. Aww!! I am glad she's doing so well. Bless I love parents evening. :) x