Monday, 4 November 2013

Starting to Plan Christmas

Hey everyone, hope you are all well and starting to plan Christmas now that Halloween is out of the way.

 I have started my planning back in January when i bought cards and some gifts for my Niece and Nephew in the sale. I just have so many of them that Christmas could start to cost a small fortune if I don't buy some things then.

So far I have got 7 peoples' pressies, woohoo. Still have lots to get, but I think I have made a good start. Most of the people's gifts I have got are for my Nieces and Nephews on the other half's side. Over the next few days I will be ordering for the Niece on my side who's 13. She told me what she wants, and that's Minecraft on the Xbox... it's about £12.99 I think.

I will be getting the Hubby a PS3 as that is what he's asked for and the F1 game to go with it. I have already got a few little things for Little Miss P that I have been picking up over the year, but she has so much already she doesn't really need much stuff.

I need to think about everyone else now, but not sure what to get them.

If you have any idea what I could get for my Sister and my Cousin, please let me know!

Mrs P

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