Friday, 1 November 2013

Tiny Home Haul.

This is a tiny home haul but I spent a lot of money... way too much money but I did love everything that I got!

First is this gorgeous mirror that I bought from John Lewis. It's the smoke engraved mirror 102 x76cm. As we have just done up our hallway and landing I wanted a new mirror just by the front door so we can check ourselves just before we leave the house. I first saw it online but i like to go and see it first, so we went to Bluewater that weekend, had a look and bought it. The price of it was £180 and it did take us a lot to buy it as it's a lot of money, but it will be in the house for ages until we break it or redo the hallway again.

We got this at the same time as the mirror but I bought it online for £175 as I first saw it at a Next home somewhere.
 It's a hall seat and I was looking at a few others as I really wanted one so that Little Miss P could sit on it and put her shoes on before school, instead of sitting on the stairs and getting in the way when we're trying to leave the house!

I got this one as it had two storage baskets underneath. One I gave to Little Miss P for her shoes, dancing bag and school bag. The other has mine and the hubby's shoes in it... it saves us just thowing them on the floor and leaving them there!

The top bit had a plain cushion on top of it and with children in the house it was not wise as we didn't want sticky fingers to ruin it within a week! So I bought some fabric from John Leiws and asked Mr P's mum to make a cover for me, as I am not great with a sewing machine... Well I haven't used one since school!

The fabric is still a light colour but now I can take it off and wash it... so easy! So if you do end up buying this, get a cover for it.

And last but not least this little candle holder. Not sure where I am going to put it yet but I really like it and it was only £3.00 from BHS I think. Even if I don't use it right now it will be put aside until I need it. Or maybe a little Xmas gift for someone.

Hope you enjoyed my tiny home haul. I will add a link for the mirror and hall seat below.

Mrs P 


  1. I love your haul! The mirror and the hall seat are so nice! :D


    1. Thanks very nice just a lot of money lol, thanks for popping bye going to pop over to your blog now x