Monday, 25 November 2013

Update on the Business

Well hello everyone, hope you're well!

Well let's just get down to business, lol, sorry I couldn't help saying that :-) 

Well it's not going great, we found out that the current owner of the building is selling up so now it looks like we have to wait to ask permission from the new owner once the sale goes through. That's if it does go through, and who knows how long that will take. It's really getting on my goat, and I think it will be pissing the owner of the shop we want to buy off as well.

So for now I have booked a viewing for another shop. That one would be a 'start from the beginning', not a shop that's already set up and going. It will be harder work but a lot more fulfilling as well I think. We are going to see it on the 29th November.

The person I spoke to on the phone who will be doing the viewing didn't sound that happy and it sounded like she thought I was wasting her time. If people act like that it really annoys me as if you don't like the sound of me or something, just say sorry we can't do that day or sorry you don't sound like the right sort of person we're after.

Sorry for my rant. I just needed to get say it.

Mrs P

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