Thursday, 7 November 2013

What to pack for Center Parcs Winter Wonderland

At last year's Center Parcs Winter wonderland

Woohoo, in five weeks I go to Center Parcs with the family for the Winter Wonderland. We are only going for the weekend but I can't wait. I went last year with the family... you can see here and here what we got up to.

So here is a little Blog post of what I take for a weekend.

(One of the outfits we will be taking with us) 

They are a few essentials you need to take for Winter Wonderland;
1) Snowboots 2) Trainers  3) Swimsuit x2
  4) Of course your underwear. I would take two more then you need just in case it rains a lot and you get soaked through. 5) A little fancy dress outfit or party dress for the children, as my daughter loves it for the evening disco 6) Nice warm PJs and a dressing gown for after baths in the villa 7) Hat, gloves and scarf, as it can get very cold walking from the valla to the centre.

Little Miss P's new snow boots and nice cosy boots 

 I am not usually a jogging bottom sort of girl, but in Center Parcs I can be... it's just so much easier when you're playing badminton and easy to get on and off when getting changed for swimming. I still take my jeans and a nice shirt and boots for a nice dinner with the family and maybe a game of bowling afterwards. There is no need to take a really nice going out outfit as as you might stick out like a sore thumb. If you do want to spend some money, spend it on a new swimsuit or a bikini as you be spending most of the time in the pool!

(Another outfit we will be taking with us)

Other than that, you;re all good to go.

I have started to put a little youtube video together as well. Hoping that it will be up soon :-)

Mrs P

I will be putting lots of photos on my Instagram when I am there, so if you want to check them out here is the link


  1. I love your gorgeous Winter accessories, hope you have a lovely time x

    1. Thank you I am sure we will. x

    2. Aww have a lovely time :) thanks for sharing over at the weekend blog hop ...

  2. Have fun! We love Center Parcs, but usually go in spring or autumn - have never been in winter. I love that you don't have to dress up there - it suits me as I'm not a dressing up kind of person!

    1. You should go in the winter its so pretty with all the xmas decs up and the tree, x x x

  3. Sounds great. enjoy. Hopping over via #Weekendbloghop and I've given you a follow on Twitter

    1. Thanks for poping by I am going to jump over to your blog and have look :0)