Saturday, 14 December 2013

Bluewater Boots Haul

So the other night we got rid of Little Miss P at her nanny's house and made our way to Bluewater for a few hours, just for some time to ourselves and to do a little bit for Christmas shopping.
 We didn't buy much, just a few things.
So here they are...

We went into Boots and took advantage of the buy two get one free.
First was this Pie Aye by the Hairy Bikers. It comes with a Ceramic pie dish, Bird Punnel, tea towel and steak seasoning mix   

This is a Guinness Casserole set (below) and comes with a casserole dish, Spatula, recipe set and some herbs. If Boots have this in the Sale i might get one for me as it looks pretty cool.
This was also £20.00.

Last but not least from Boots was this Courvisier Glass & Decanter gift.
It comes in a really nice box so it will be easy to wrap up... that's always a bonus point for me as I am not that great at wrapping.

It comes with a glass, Decanter that looks lovely and a 5cl mini bottle of Courvoisier.
This is the perfct gift for Mr P's dad. I know he will enjoy it.

This is £18.00 but as it's on the three for two I got this free as it was the cheapest.

Here is the little youtube viedo we made.

How's your Christmas shopping going?

Mrs P

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  1. Some great gifts going out there *Blow your own Blog Horn*