Thursday, 26 December 2013

Center Parcs: The rest of the weekend

Merry Christmas everyone!
This is not a Christmas post, I just wanted to finish off my Center Parcs post before I forget. 
So here we are, the rest of Center Parcs weekend of 2013.

It was a good thing I didn't really plan anything as I wanted to chill out and not have to rush from one thing to another. I did have to book a few things tho as i know they do get booked up pretty quick.
The first thing I booked was a pony ride for Little Miss P as she loved it last year... She's been talking about it all the time since she find out we booked it!

Here is the pony she rode. She loved him and he was just the right size for her to ride. She's more brave with a pony than any other animal, she seems to just love them and falls under the pony spell. Master Hill was booked to go on one too but he got scared and didn't end up going on his. 

We also booked both of them in the timeout club for an hour for the Elf Party. The Elf Party is just a load of fun and games. Little Miss P loved it, but again Master Hill didn't go in and wanted to stay with his mummy.  He did have a cold on this holiday so i think he was feeling a bit sorry for himself. 

The other thing we booked was Pottery; we do this every time we go. I could sit there for hours just painting a bowl or a mirror. The kids got bored after a while and went off to play with the Lego, whilst the adults were still painting hehe.

And the last thing we booked was seeing the big man himself, Father Christmas. We had a slot booked in at 4pm on the Sunday night just before the fireworks that were at 5.30pm. It was good seeing him and he took his time asking what they wanted. It didn't feel rushed at all, like some others you may go to.

This was meant to be just Little Miss P, Father Christams and me, but Master Hill just sat down as well. But hey-ho (or ho-ho!) what can you do... I even got a photo of Master Hill picking his nose... hmm, yummy!

So those were all the things we booked. We also went swimming a few times but you just turn up for that. The hardest thing about the swimming was trying to find a changing room. Once i found one i had to put little Miss P in there and go and get the things out of the lockers and run back to her. We also saw the fireworks and for the first time since she was a baby Little Miss P didn't cry when watching them, woohoo, so I had a chance to enjoy them.

That's it for my little Center Parcs trip of 2013. I hope you enjoyed my blogs on it and please go over and see all the vlogs I have done about Center Parcs on youtube.

Here's just one of them... i have done three of them, I think.

I just had to put this photo in of Little Flack that I took, as she looks so cute.

Hope you're having a lovely Boxing Day.

Mrs P

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Center Parcs! I bet it is fab at Christmas. It looks like you had a fab time =)

    Corinne x