Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Fun

Hello My Lovelies, I hope you all had a great Christmas and ate as much as you could, as it the only time of year you could really get away with it, hehe :-) 

This Christmas we were at home for the morning just chilling out and opening the pressies Farther Christmas left us. Little Miss P woke up saying "Mummy, Mummy, he's left presents under my tree, can I open them?". We said she had to bring them to our room to open them, so she did.

After that we went downstairs to see what the big guy left behind for us. He left a few things for us but not a silly amount.

I will be doing another blog post about what we got for Xmas, but one of them was this Lights Alive that used to be Mr P's when he was younger. She spent most of the morning on it and loved it. I think Tomy need to bring this back out for more of the kids, instead of being on computers all the time.

At about 11.30am we went off to my Mum's house for Xmas dinner, but first we all sat down to open the pressies that were left at her house for us. There were a lot but there were 11 of us with pressies for everyone under the tree.

After that it was cooking dinner and the kids playing with their toys. We did have a mini drama when the hob stopped working and we still needed to do the veg, but what we did was stick them in the mirowave for a few minutes, and it seemed to work. I was very proud of my mum as she didn't lose it that much... all she said was the S word and carried on, so well done mummy.

After that it was back to the front room for some fun and games. We played Heads Up, with all the grown ups and it was so funny. I'm just gutted I didn't get any of it on video because that would have been funny to watch back.

That was it. We left mum's house at about 7.30pm and as soon as we were home little Miss P fell asleep within two minutes, hugging me, after saying she wasn't tired. Bless her. 

Here is this week's video of what we got up to. It's not much as I didn't want to spend Christmas behind the camera, but i got a few bits for you.

Mrs P


  1. Looks like you all had a fun Christmas! =)

    Corinne x