Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Couponing UK Style

I love watching Extreme Couponing on telly. I find it so funny but so great at the same time, saving all that money, it's well worth it. Here in the UK we can't do Couponing to that extreme it just wouldn't work... 
I have only just started so i thought i would just show you what i have got so far.

First I picked up my free After Eights that I got with my Tesco voucher and then my Nutella. The Nutella was a good one, it was on offer at £1.50 then with the 60p off cost 90p, so less then a £1... That's always good :-)

I have to say it felt good getting things for less than they are meant to be. I was going to use my voucher for black bags but my little Tesco didn't have any, so I will be going back in the next few days.

Hope you liked my this little blog post, i will keep you updated if i do any more.

Mrs P

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