Thursday, 12 December 2013

Devon Family Fun

 Sorry it's been a while everyone. December has just seen a bit crazy this year.

 December started off with a little family weekend in Devon, as Mr P's sister lives there. Some of the time we were with them but on this day we made it into family time with just the three of us. We went rock climbing (Mr P and Little Miss P did more then me) and I was more sitting back taking the photos and some video of our fun.

 Rock climbing has always been a daddy and daughter thing, so I let them have their fun together.
At one point when we were in Dartmeet, Little Miss P and Mrs P were climbing over rocks in the river. I was watching just making sure that if either of them fell in I could help out in some way, and with every step I had my heart in my mouth. I am always on edge when they do this.

 There was a funny moment when Mr P nearly fell in the water. He was trying to get from one rock to the other and ended up with his legs on two different rocks and hands on another and he couldn't get up... it was really funny watching it (gutted I didn't get it on camera though!).

The great thing about Dartmoor is that we can park anywhere and find a few rocks to climb up, so that's what we did after visiting Dartmeet. We couldn't be too long doing it though, as we were losing the light.

Here  are some more photos of our little rock climb.

 Litttle Miss P, looking over the moors on top of the rock we climbed

  Me and Little Miss P, before we went climbing

All of us on top of the rocks (family selfie)

 If you fancy it I took some video of us having some fun on the rocks at Dartmeet.
If you do go over and watch don't forget to give it a big thumbs up x

Mrs P 

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