Monday, 16 December 2013

Dickensian Evening

Hello my lovelies, hope you're all well.

At the start of December we went down to Devon to see The Allens (one Of hubby's sisters)  for a nice time away and to go and expreinece the Dickensian Evening. As you might have guessed it's all about Dickens where people dress up, the shops are open late and lots of food stalls are set up out on the street, some singing and other entertainment.

Here is one of the shows that was put on and two members of The Allens were taking part in it, Miss L and Little Miss A. I don't really like puppets as they just freak me out bit, but it was good tho. Also Little R was singing with her school but I couldn't get close enough to get a good photo as all the other children's mums & dads were in front of us. But it sounded good from where I was standing.

  Here is the best food place of the night - they did great Sausages and Burgers, but we had to wait for a while as they had to go to the Co-op to pick up some more buns as they had run out!!

This is a cute photo I took of Little Miss P and Little R while waiting for the puppet show to start. It was cold so I was trying to keep their minds off the cold and started to take lots of photos of them, and I got this cute one of them. They both look so happy and cute together and as you can see from the photos they have the same chin, lol.

I will be sitting down in the next couple of days and doing a review of the Dickensian Evening, so please come back in a few days and check that out :-)

 Mrs P

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