Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Parker's Family Blog #5

Evening everyone. Here is week #5 of the Parker's family blog (I think it may be week #6 but I will just leave it as #5 for now). 

This week we had my stepdad's birthday meal. It was only at the pub down the road to them in Buckhurst Hill, but all the family were there so it was nice to see everyone all together. Other than that we just had a normal week, with school, homework & dancing.

Little Miss P has started to write her Christmas cards out for her class. We only do three a night so that's why we started now as it will take a while and she's got 29 to write out... and that's just in her class.

Well that's it this week. Let us know what your family have been up to!

Mrs P


  1. I think its a good idea to start writing the cards now. My daughter (7yrs) will also do that but she is busy with her piano lessons every evening. Their Christmas concert is on the 20th. Thanks for linking up at Welcome To the Weekend Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks for popping over and wish your daughter the best of luck for her Christmas Concet x

  2. Wow this week, when the kids have been at school I have spent most of my days with my best friend and been to tesco's......hahahaha so not very exciting, but I did create my first ever blog this week.


    1. woohoo Hope you enjoy doing your blog I will pop over and have a look now x