Friday, 20 December 2013

Winter Wonderland Center Parcs 2013

Day One: Arrival 

Little Miss Flacky (My Niece)

Hello everyone, hope you're well.

I have just got back from a weekend in Center Parcs and I am very tired. We set off on
Friday 6th of December at about 10am and rom where we live it takes about hour and a half to get there. There were about 13 of us.

We had to take three different cars; in car one was Me, Miss H, New Mrs Henderson, Young Mr Henderson and Mr Henderson.

Car two was Little Miss P, Mrs Henderson, Mr Hill and and Miss Huxley and the rest were in the other car. Mr P was coming up to join us on Saturday night, as he's been busy with his music things.

I was gutted that I had left my nice camera at home. I just left it by the door and don't know how I did that, but I did manage to bring a video camera and my ipad, so I did a little day in the life of Center Parcs. It's from my iPad so the quality is not that great, sorry.

On the day of arrival we had paid for the early booking, so that means we are allowed in an hour before everyone else, and that you get milk & eggs etc. in the villa for when you get there.

As we arrived at 11.00 we had to wait a while to get into our room and had to wait for my mum to turn up as they were about 30mins behind us. So we grabbed a Starbucks then went to the Pancake House for a bit of lunch... it was so yummy...!
After that we all just chilled out in the Sports Bar, went to our little house, had lunch and then back to the sports to have a family game of bowling. That's really it for the arrival of us at Center Parcs.

Come back soon to see what else we got up to on our little trip to Center Parcs.

Mrs P

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  1. That forst photo just steels the show! *Blow your own Blog Horn*