Monday, 29 December 2014

Weekend in London Town - Day One

Well on Saturday the 20th we had a lovely weekend in London Town. We only live 40 mins away on the train and we could easily drive there. Mr P was working that day so we met him at our lovely Hotel that he booked for us as a lovely treat. It was the Hilton Canary Wharf. We had one of the posh rooms, it was so big with two big TVs, a really big bed and of course had a little bed for for Little Miss P.

My Mum came with us and stayed with us until Mr P got there. My Mum even got herself some Room Service and when we got there they gave Little Miss P a little art pack thing to do and keep her busy in the room. When Mr P got there we had a little walk around London to take in the sights at night. I have to say you forget how beautiful London is when you live so close to it.

I got so happy when I saw the Coca Cola lorry, I have been wanting to see one for ages now and we as we were walking across Tower Bridge I saw it and had to get my photo taken by it. They were packing up so we didn't get any free Coca Cola but that was OK as I don't really drink it, well I do but with a shot of Malibu in it, hehe.

After that we went back to our hotel room for a bit of food and some sleep before our fun day in Winter Wonderland.

Come back and read what we got up to on day two.

Mrs P

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Working on 2015 blog posts

So I am sitting here watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces with a pad next to me, laptop on my lap and a hot coco just on the side so I can just about reach it when I fancy a drink.

Left to right, me and my sister

I am wanting to get a little bit ahead of 2015 and start to think about what blog posts I am hoping to write. I'd like to get some ideas written down and maybe start to write a few.

I am planning to do more baking and cooking blogs like my peanut butter cookies that all my family love. A little bit less on Little Miss P as now she has her own one.. I will leave things for her blog, like all her outfit ones will be on there. Here is Little Miss P's link.

I might even get myself to do an OOTD. Just need to be brave and maybe do more home interiors.

One thing I do know is that I will be doing at least one book review every month, maybe more.

That's it for now, my eyes are getting tired and I better spend some time with the hubby.

Well I am going to take my blog to the next level and get it it's own web name, woohoo. And I will get the logo on the top of it. I want to make sure that I post at least once a week, every week and on the same day.

I am thinking about doing it every Monday & Wednesday each week and every so often have one on a Friday. And if I have a lot to say perhaps I will doing more.

Mrs P

Here is Little Miss P's youtube... please go and take look, she would like it if you do.

Monday, 22 December 2014

What 2014 Brought.

Well 2014 has had its ups and downs

I will be looking back over my blog to see what we got up to

We saw Sleeping Beauty at Hawkey Hall in Woodford, made lots of cupcakes, my sister moved into her new house, did a book review, I did a lovely review on my wedding dress. We went to Butlins for Mr P's brass band competition and the the heating stopped again. We had a flood in the hallway and the front room.

I started off doing a little bit of couponing, it was mine and the hubby's 5th wedding anniversary, we had  terrible weather with high winds and we even had one of our BBQs. We relaid the floor in the hallway. Mr P and I went to see The Duck House in the West End of London.

It was my mummy's birthday and my little nephew's birthday. Little Miss P's school said that the winter sick bug is going round and 148 kids were off. Little Miss P only had 14 kids in her class at the start of the day and 4 children went home, oh dear. My sister gave birth to a beautiful boy at about 8.45am.

It was mother's day this month here in the UK. We started doing up the bathroom... my goodness I can't believe it was that long ago. We went for lots of walks in the forest and Mummy took Little Miss P and Master P to Old McDonald's Farm. As it was Easter we went to Peterborough to see Mr P's family.

Not much happened in May really, although I discovered an app called  Shopitize that I use every week now. And that's really it, much of it has been a boring month.

I had a no TV and Internet for a day and got so much done, it was a little crazy with how much I got done really. I did a father's day gift guide (my first gift guide I think). Summer did a little bit of street dancing and we worked out that it's not really her thing. It was also Little Miss Flacky's birthday.

Little Miss P got her first wobbly tooth, we all got a really bad cold with headaches and high temperatures, I did my first beauty review (it was on a Body Butter from the Body Shop), Little Miss P lost her tooth and I did my first review on a child's book.

It was mine and Little Miss P's birthday and we went away for a few days by the beach. We had a party for Summer and had lots of fun over the summer holiday. For my birthday I got to go and see the Lion King with my little family up the West End. I had a great month.

Was all about getting back into a routine with Little Miss P going back to school and going into year two. She's a big girl now and she lost another tooth. It was my sister and Mr P's birthdays and I also had a spa day for my cousin's 21st birthday. Oh and Little Miss P started her horse riding lessons.

It was a little bit of a boring month. We did have Halloween and that was fun. We all went to stay at my nanna's house for the night and I think she enjoyed that, so did we. Little Miss P and her friend made a youtube video called Halloween t-shirts and they had fun making it.

Little Miss P had two school trips, one to London and one to the Cinema to see Moshi Monsters. I didn't get on the London school trip but made it on the cinema trip and all the kids were really well behaved. They had fun I think. It was my stepdad's 60th birthday and we all went to Center Parcs, which was great but I came down with the Center Parcs Lurgy.

Went on a trip with my little lady to London Zoo with her school. We all still had the Center Parcs lurgy at the beginning of December and it's been full of family fun. Also we stayed up London in a lovely hotel and went to Winter Wonderland and went on the London Eye. We still have two weeks left of December and that will contain a lot of eating and drinking wine with friends and family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all x

Mrs P 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Sainsbury's Ad #2

I really like the Sainsbury's advert. It all starts off on Christmas Eve 1914, in the middle of the war against the Germans. A guy gets a letter from his girlfriend with a photo of her and a chocolate bar, then he hears the Germans singing Silent Night and the Brit's joins in. In the morning the young man comes out of the trench with his hands up and a German does the same and they meet each other. They all start playing football and talking to each other, so for that day the Germans and Brits are friends. Then they hear a bomb in the background and they go their different ways. The Brit gives the German his coat with the chocolate still in the pocket. It's all so happy.

It's great as it is made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, inspired by real events from 100 years ago. I really hope something happened like that 100 years ago as it's just a nice feeling.

It has hit the hearts of everyone in the UK so a big well done Sainsbury's and I will be going to buy my chocolate from them.


Mrs P

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

#212 Christmas

This week's Photo Gallery is all about Christmas. When you think about Christmas we think about food and the Christmas tree, but when I think about it, I think about family spending time with everyone, seeing the kids smiling when they play together and showing each other what they got from Father Christmas.

This year we are all going to mum's house for dinner, so all of my nieces and nephews will be there. It's going to be crazy and I am not sure where everyone will be sitting for their dinner. I think we will be all a little bit squished. Oh well, it's still going to be lots of fun.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Our Last Day @ Center Parcs

Last Day at Center Parcs 

It's a day of seeing the Elves and Father Christmas. First off we went on an Elf Hunt to find the Elf and give her her candy cane. We had clues on the way to help us find her and at the end the kids got a tube of sweets and a little cup. Even though it was raining, the kids loved it.

Next up was to see the big man himself. There were so many of us going in to see him that we just about fitted into the room. Little Miss P and Master Hill loved it. He asked what they wanted for Christmas and if they have been good. He was a really good Santa.

We went swimming after seeing the big man and went on the water slide again, I loved it so much. We had time to go back and sort ourselves out before going to see the fireworks for the evening. They were great, and afterwards we had to head home as little Miss P had school the next day.

Our overall visit, as is the case every year, was great and the whole family loved it. I loved it as a kid and now my Daughter loves it... we are carrying on the family tradition. And that's what I love most about it.

If you want to see more photos go and check out Instagram @nickigparker

Mrs P

Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter Wonderland @ Center Parcs

First full day we had a few things planned. First up was a game of badminton / short tennis, and straight after badminton we went swimming and couldn't wait as I have been there since the new water slide was put in but hadn't been on it yet. This year I was determined to get on that ride and I did, and I loved it so much. It's so fun and I went on it about three times that day.

Little Miss P was being a bit of a moo while we were swimming as she just didn't want to let go of me. She was just scared that she was going to drown, even though she had a life jacket thingy on. I think I need to take her swimming more.

After swimming we went back to the villa to dry off and wash our hair as we had pottery later on that day. I love the pottery, it's so calming and the kids love it too, even though they don't go out and get the hot drinks any more. They used to go and get your Starbucks for you and that was great, but now they don't and they have taken away the Lego table that the kids go to when the kids get bored. They used to go to it so you still have time to finish your own painting off. So that was a little bit poo and they need to bring both of them back.

That evening we all went for a lovely meal for Grandad's 60th birthday as that's why we are all there to begin with. It was in Hucks and I love that restaurant. I love the kids buffet, it's so easy for them to go up and pick what they want and it's fun for them. Also Summer loves the play bit in the middle of the restaurant.

After the kids had a little dance in the disco. Then they were so tired so we didn't stay late and went back to the villa for a chill out and a sleep.

If you want to see more photos, go and check out Instagram @nickigparker


Mrs P

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


The photo gallery this week is Babies, so I had to find this photo to put up. Mr P's sister took it of us... I just love it as Little Miss P's finger is pointing to her mouth like she's thinking "Mummy, what are you doing, you're meant to be feeding me!". I just find it so cute.

There are so many other cute photos that I love, so I am going to show you more.

This one is of Little Miss P feeling very tired...

 ...And now here she is crying, bless her.

Mrs P

Monday, 1 December 2014

Winter Wonderland @ Center Parcs 2014

Day One 

We just got back from Center Parcs and what can I say about it. Well it was good and full on and very tiring.
And we didn't get much sleep as my two little nephews didn't seem to want to let anyone in the villa have a good night's sleep.

First Little Master Hill just didn't sleep, he was just moaning all night and then Master Hill was up in the front room at like 6am, so we didn't get much sleep at all. The next night was a little bit better but Master Hill was being sick halfway through the night.

But the days were great even with the little sleep we had. We turned up and went straight to the pancake house. I love it! I had a lovely Bacon and Cheese one with lots of Maple Syrup drizzled over it. It was so good.

That evening I went into the spa for a few hours with my sister and my auntie while my mummy was so kind as to look after the kids. They were so tired that night so it was best that they just stayed indoors. The spa was lovely, so chilled out, even though there were two people in the pool having a full on make out. I nearly said something to them, but I didn't. They should at least have waited until they got back to their villa.

After that we went over to the Forest Inn to have a glass of wine. We went back to the villa to find the kids fast asleep. Mum said they were all good for her, so I am pleased Little Miss P was good.

If you want to see more photos, go and check out Instagram @nickigparker

Mrs P

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I have two gorgeous Fat little Guinea pigs, both of them are our two little girly,
They are called Cuddles & snaffles they both love there food and love coming out in the morning to play in there little outside space, its just a little space out side there cage so they can go and run about its all indoors as if they were keep outside they would probably be eaten by a fox,

They get given hay everyday, with clean water and clean food, and I clean them out every week, Some times twice a week, as in the hot weather they can get a bit smelly, I love having them here as when the hubby out late doing music thing and Little Miss P in bed its nice having them making noises in the corner, as I hate it when the house is so quiet.

I love them to bits but I just hope people only gets pets if you can spend the time with them don't let them get lonely, As all our lovely pets need the love to.

Mrs P

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Marks and Spencer Ad

Two fairies go to work helping people sort out Christmas. One looks like a fairy that has done it before and the other one hasn't, so she's still learning.

I love this advert, it's fun and festive. You can see the clothes well and is overall very Christmasy. I like how the two fairies are different and the dresses they wear are lovely. I love the Limited Edition Fit & Flare Embelished Trim Dress. It's so cute and only £49.95, very nice. And the sexy bra ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH . I might just need to go and buy that in the Crimson colour.

There is not much to say about this ad, other than go and have a look and watch it, as I enjoyed it very much.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Photo Gallery - Being a Parent

This week is all about Being a Parent. Well, we could say so many things about being a parent... about how we are good parents and how we think we are bad parents.

The one thing that Little Miss P says is that I give the best hugs but especially in the morning. She says I feel like a hot water bottle and that's why I give the best hugs. Bless her saying that.

I had to put this photo up as for me being a parent is seeing that smile on her face everyday

We have a little rota in the morning. Mr P wakes up, gets ready and then makes me a cup of tea and brings it up to bed for me. Then he goes and gets Little Miss P and brings her in for a mummy hug. She is normally half asleep still so I have to slowly wake her up to get ready for school. By 8.10am we have to be out the door going to school. It works perfectly at the moment for us and thanks to the hubby for my tea in the morning as I would not able to function without it x

Mrs P

Here is her Youtube channel that she loves doing and smile
 everytime she dose and gets comments 

Monday, 17 November 2014

John Lewis advert

Yes it's that time of year again where we get all these lovely Christmas ads on the telly so I thought I would review a few of them. I did one last year on the John Lewis so I have put the link here...

So this year it's all about Monty the Penguin. It's a very sweet and awww kind of advert. 
This little boy and his Penguin always play together and have lots of fun together. They are best friends but then Monty sees two people holding hands in the park so Monty gets sad, and now all Monty wants is a girlfriend. So the little boy gets him his girlfriend, then the shot goes to two teddy bear Penguins, as it was all the boy's imagination. 

I do like the advert this year but the boy was using his imagination on his toy so the boy's imagination must have been based on finding a friend for himself, and thinking that mad me a little bit sad. But that may be me looking into things too much.

John Lewis has hit the jackpot this year with this as Monty has his own hashtag on twitter as well as all the thing that are on sale for him and his lady Penguin (I just found her name out and she is called Mabel).

They sell Face Cloths for £3.50, Cushions for £15 and Large Toys for £35 to Girls' Jumpers at £14 and most things in between. By the sound of it they are selling fast, even on ebay now for a Monty Teddy Bear at £53.00 and still going up. It's crazy but all I have to say is well done John Lewis as it has got people into their stores and when it comes down to it that's what they want.

I want to see John Lewis do a fun advert soon as all of them for the past few years have tugged at the heart strings.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Photo Gallery #yellow

This week Photo Gallery is about the bright and light colour of yellow.

Its hard to think of something yellow when its so nasty outside, I was sorting out some of my clothes and came across this cute little yellow bag that I got last year,
It works really well with a cute black dress maybe for that Christmas party, it fits in all the thing you need,

Its from that well know shop Primark, there is only one down thing about it. And that's the zip kind of fell apart on me but it was only about £4

I have set up my own bloghop its all about your blast from the past them old blogpost, that you loved writing It happens every Thursdays, So pop back on Thursday and join in.

Mrs P

Our weekend of fun

Monday, 10 November 2014

On My Shelf

I have this one shelf in my room with a few little bits on, so
I thought I would show you what I have on it as I haven't done a Home and Interior blog for a while.

First up is the oil burner Little Miss P and I made. It was while we were in Center Parcs together so it has to take pride of place. I don't really use it, I should buy some tarts for it really. Maybe I'll pick some up this week while I think about it.

My cute little photo frame that Mr P got me to put a wedding photo in it. I love the frame it's just so cute. I think he got it from Clintons last year.

The 'Follow Your Heart' sign I don't have a clue where I got it from. I think it may be Next but can't really 100% say. I love the sign, it just says what I always say and believe in.

This Glitter photo frame I know is from DebenhamsIt's sparkly with a lovely black border from the Julien MacDonald range. I picked this up in the January sales this year and first saw it at my friend's house and fell in love with it. So I took her idea, sorry.

And this one is, well I don't need to say... I love Yankee Candles and this one is an Easter one that I haven't really used yet. It's Bunny Cake and smells like a light fluffy cake in a garden. I am really bad at saying how things smell, but it smells good.

Hope you enjoy this little blog post.

Mrs P

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Blast from the Past (Bloghop)

Hello and welcome to my 2nd Bloghop. I have got a little better at it now and have worked out how to do the layout I want and put a photo in, woohoo.
This bloghop is all about those old blog posts that you write.

 It could have been a week or three years ago, or even 10 years ago as long as you're proud of them. I feel like I have written some great blog posts but as they were when I first started, not many people got to see them. So now it's time to show them off. 

All I ask you to do is follow me on here and go around and read other people's posts. And to only show off one of your posts at a time and I will try to do this every week for you. Share the love to your fellow bloggers, go over and say hi. You never know, you may even make a new friend and find some other great blogs to read and to give you some inspiration.

Monday, 3 November 2014

School Trip

Hello everyone.

Little Miss P is on a school trip today to London to see the changing of the guards and all things to do with the Great Fire of London.

I did put my name down for me to join her on it but I didn't get picked. I am not surprised by it as it's always the same mums and dads that get to go, boohoo. I have written down who has gone on this trip, so if they all go next time I will be saying something as it's not fair on all the other mums and dads that want to go.

I at first said I didn't want Little Miss P to go as it's London and everything in the world that's going on at the moment. And do I really trust the teachers and the other mums and dads? I don't really know them and on the letter we got from the school it said what they would do in the morning and for the afternoon it just said going around London. Well thanks school for that filling update.

I said to the school once they know what they're doing for the afternoon I will then think about if I let her go. They said they will let me me know and guess what, they didn't. I had to go to them the day before the trip... I went in the morning to the office and got the person to ring me. She didn't so I had to go back after school and talk to someone again and that time I got a really nice person. She told me what's going on as she helped book it. If they had told me that first of all it would have been fine and so much easier.

The school needs to get itself into gear, I am not sure if I am going to write a letter to the school yet about it, but it really was bad communication and it shouldn't be that hard, should it?

That's my little rant over, sorry about that, I just needed to get it off my chest and see if anyone else has come across this.

Mrs P

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Blast from the Past

Hello and welcome to my first Blog Hop. This blog hop is all about those old blog posts that you write. It could have been a week or three years ago, or even 10 years ago as long as you're proud of them. I feel like I have written some great blog posts but as they were when I first started, not many people got to see them. So now it's time to show them off. All I ask you to do is follow me on here and go around and read other people's posts. And to only show off one of your posts at a time and I will try to do this every week for you. Share the love to your fellow bloggers, go over and say hi. You never know, you may even make a new friend and find some other great blogs to read and to give you some inspiration.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Talent #205

Hi everyone, 

Today's photo gallery is all about Talent, Well I have to say I don't have a talent, well not one that I know of. Maybe my Talent is looking after my daughter and making things fun and enjoyable for her, as my life is all about her.

I just asked my hubby what my talent is and he said being fun... can that be a talent? Well, it's going to have to do, as I really can't think of anything else.

Well I enjoy taking photos, although I wouldn't really say it's a talent, it's just that I enjoy doing it.

Well that's all I have on this really. I have to say I found this one hard this week.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A day of bargains

I am writing this on 15th October sitting in front of the TV, but this won't be up until maybe next Monday.

Today was just any normal day. I had my Tesco online shop coming and that came, everything was normal. After I put my shopping away I made myself a cup of tea, put my feet up, went on facebook and then the UK Extreme Couponing and Freebies post came up.
'Argos glitch 2 toys for £30 offer going into basket at £15' was on there so I first ordered a gift for Mr P for Xmas (it's only a small and funny gift) and I got an Air Storm Huntress Z Curve Bow for Little Miss P. She's seen it somewhere but I don't have a clue where, I think it'll be for her birthday though so I will put it away.

I then went back on to see if the offer was still up and it was, so I had a look and got two more things  for Little Miss P's birthday. I will give them to my mum to buy off me.

I also popped to my little Tesco to pick up my free pizzas. I picked up two of them and had a £1 over so I got some milk and I didn't have to pay anything!... I was like oh yeah, I did good, lol. I know it's only a small one but I am so proud of it and I will be keeping this receipt just because it was all free. It's ok, I know I am sad.

That's it for today, see you all soon.

Mrs P

Monday, 20 October 2014

October savings so far

Hello everyone, hope you're all enjoying this October so far.
Well on the saving front we've been ok, only spending what we need to and we have got a few things that we didn't need. We've got a few Christmas pressies for people, well for Mr P's Mum and Dad and his sister's gift. We have decided to get family gifts instead of one each as that would save us money. My mum's gift is sorted, Little Miss P's main one is sorted and my nieces and nephews are all sorted. I will do a different post for all the Christmas gifts I have so far.

I have just had to buy little Miss P new Dance Tap dance shoes for £7. They are second hand ones and I have given her school her old pair to sell on. As they are in really good condition they are selling them for £10, so I hope someone will buy them soon.

That's it for now guys, I will be having a more up-to-date one soon.

Mrs P

Friday, 17 October 2014

Media Update

Hello, how are you all.

This is just a quick post to tell you all about my media things. Little Miss P and I now have two separate youtube channels. I don't have anything on mine yet, that will be coming in the next few weeks, but Little Miss P's is going really well and she loves doing it, just having fun and having a chat to the camera. She's going to start doing cooking ones and how-to ones.

She's up to 39 at the moment and is hoping to get to 50 by next year, bless her. I know some people will be thinking it's me making her do it, but I have to say that my little girl can be quite demanding... when she wants to do something she will go and do it.

So if you can show you support that would be great by going over to her youtube channel and subscribing and leaving her a comment... she would love it!

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn - Photo Gallery 204

Hello my lovelies. I haven't done a Photo Gallery lately, so sorry about that, but I saw this week was an Autumn one and I love Autumn so I had to take one and put in it.

I have picked this photo as we love going for walks any time of year but in the Autumn it's lovely  due the the colour of the trees turning a deep red before they fall off. The sun shining through the trees created a lovely silhouette. 

Thanks for popping by... what do you like about Autumn?

Mrs P

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

That time we bought a House

It was about 7 years ago that we got into our house. We bought it off Mr P's sister who had it on the market as they were moving to Devon. So we took the plunge and made them an offer and they accepted it, so it went though as a private sale and we didn't have to pay the estate agent fees. So that saved a bit of money for us.

It's a sweet little house, well it's not exactly little it's a three bedroom house with a nice size garden that we are trying to do up at the moment. Thinking about it I was a little sad that we didn't get to look at other houses even though we would have still picked this one.

Our house is on a little green, so it's not busy. I know my neighbours on both sides of me and I know a few other people on our green too. It's really nice as the kids can play out together on our road, or even go and have a cup of tea at the neighbour's house for a chat while the kids play together.

I do love my green and my little house but the area is not the best. It doesn't have the best school and lots of the kids are trying to be little thugs. But I am guessing most parts of the UK have this so you have got to make the best of what you got and that's what I am going to do. There is no point moaning about it, just get on with it and make the most of it.

That's my little start of telling you about my house. I will be be doing a blog post per week with a little on our plans and what's in each room etc., so keep an eye out for that.

Mrs P

Here is a little day in the life... hope you enjoy watching it x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Aqua Sana

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all doing OK.

It's my cousin's 21st birthday, so a few of us are at the Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest Center Parces.

Well it's Saturday 27th September and I am sitting in the Aqua Sana at Woburn Center Parces. It's a really big spa, I think it must be the biggest out of them all. It's on two floors split into six different small spas... you have Fire & Ice, Blossom, Herbal, Sensory, Mineral and Gemstone & Salt.

Most of the sections have a sauna room, steam room and a relax room in it, as we were only there for the day we had to try them all out, so we spent a bit of time in each one, but due it being so big we couldn't spend a nice amount of time in each one.

We got a welcome drink and a little something for breakfast, I picked a hot coco and a chocolate croissant. The staff in the Vitale Cafe bar were really nice and friendly people, all of them were really happy and chatting to you and all the staff in the spa were really nice too.

I enjoyed my spa day very much and trying all the rooms and the pool was lovely even though I found it weird with people looking into the pool that were not spa guests. It was just a little bit weird. But it does look like that they a growing trees maybe to sort out that little problem.

The lunch was so nice. We all had something different and all of us said how nice our food was. Later on in the day we got some cocktails... they were yummy too, very yummy.

I would like to do this spa for the weekend as it was so big. If I do that I could spend more time in each of the rooms.

That's it for my little review. Sorry I didn't take many photos as it was a spa and it wouldn't have been right.

Mrs P

Here is Summer's trail for her youtube x

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Graze Unboxing

Perfect Portions to the Rescue box

This is a lovely little Graze box. There is only one thing I don't like in it and that's the Garden of England, but the hubby will have that at some point.

Coffee and Walnut Cake
It has chocolate coffee beans, Walnuts, Sponge pieces & Raisins
We had this before and Mr P loved it so I asked them to send it again soon and they did. If you love coffee then this is the one for you,  and it contains only 9g of fat

 Pumpkin & Sunflower Soy Roasted Seeds
 (packed with Essential Nutrients)
I love this and really enjoy it. I like just picking at it while doing a blog post or working on my youtube channel. It has a sweet taste to it.

Coriander & Lime Salsa Fresca with Mint Tortilla chips
This one is ok, I would have it again. I like the Tortilla chips more then the salsa dip but that's just me. I could see Little Miss P enjoying it or putting it in her lunch box.

Garden of England
Baby Strawberries, Apple and Blackcurrants
I am not a great fun of this one and Mr P is not a great fan of the this one either. I have put this in the bin list on the Graze website but if you like dried fruit you will like this one.

Mrs P

Monday, 6 October 2014

October Saving

Hello there! Christmas is coming up and it's time I have to save money, 
to get buying all my family Christmas gifts.

I  have already bought the Christmas cards in the January sale and have a few Xmas gifts already for some of the family and I'm selling a few things on ebay to get some money for the others.

I will try each week to put what I have bought and how much I have saved. Here is my first little coupon shop that I have done. I went into Waitrose on the 28th September and got a few things that I needed / wanted and as always I was looking out for deals on household items like bio liquid etc. Also took a few coupons with me, my free yoomoo and free Little Dish coupon, they had run out of yoomoo though so I couldn't get them but I did pick up my Little Dish ones.

Each coupon was £2.50 off and Waitrose had a offer on them at 2 for £4 so it worked out that I had £1 given back to me, but I got other things on the shop so I covered myself, as I don't think the store would have paid me it back.

I didn't have a coupon for it but I love these pizzas for a quick easy meal when we need them. It's the Dr Oetker pizza, 2 for £5 and you get a code on the back, which gives you two vouchers; one for £1 and the other for £1.50. So I will be going to get them soon and try and get more codes to stock up on the pizzas.

They are the best deals from this shop. Pop over to my youtube soon to see a more detailed video of my shop.

Mrs P

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our Weekend

We went on a little weekend away last weekend. It's where we go for our summer holiday each year.

So we rang Mr P's Uncle up asking if anyone was in it and we were lucky as there wasn't. So we packed our bags on Friday and off we went for our little adventure, and it's a special weekend this weekend as it's Mr P's birthday.

We spent most of time at the beach and just having fun as a little family. On Saturday we spent all the morning at the beach and then we went to try and find some animals, but that fell through the place we went to find is not there any more, so we played in the park for a bit and went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Giardino, where the food was lovely. We will be going back there next summer.

On Sunday we didn't wake up until 9.30am so we spent most of the morning at the little chalet
then we headed out for an afternoon of fun at Ranworth Broad. We have never been there before and we just happened to come across it and oh my I love it, we all did.

The Floating Broads Wildlife Centre is on water so you can feel it move under your feet and it's great to see if you can spot any animals on the water. You can sometimes spot an otter on there but we didn't (although Little Miss P thinks she saw one, which made her day, bless her).

Our weekend was short but so much fun. We need to do more things like this as a little family as it was so fun and chilled out.

Mrs P

Here is a short video of our little weekend away

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Manny - Book Review

Welcome to the grid, home to New York's ΓΌber rich, where a manny - a male nanny - is the hottest new hire in town.

And Peter Bailey is young, fun and drop-dead gorgeous. He could be the answer to Jamie Whitfield's prayers, even if her husband disagrees.

Like Jamie, Peter comes from a very different world to the grid. He's cool, calm and he sees right through her attempts to fit in with her chic, sleek neighbours. 

Ditching high society dinner for dancing in Brooklyn, Jamie begins to wonder if a married uptown girl can fall for a downtown guy. He's good for her children. Could the manny be good for her too..?

My View

First of all it takes a long time to get into the book. So much so that I nearly put the book down to start a new one but I persisted as I thought I needed to read all of it and give myself a chance to review it properly. I am glad I did, as the story started to get a bit more juicy. Not too sure if I would read it again as it just took too long to get into and I want a book that gets me drawn into it at the beginning.

A bit more info about the book

Jamie and her husband may be rich but, unlike the other wives, she is a working mum and as such struggles to fit in with the lifestyle of the neighbours and this worries her rather neurotic husband. As life heats up in both Jamie's career and family life, it all seems too much to cope with. However, their life gets much more exciting when this is reversed by Jamie acquiring the must-have accessory of a male nanny and they are the family to be kept up with.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mobile Phone... Really?

Hello, I am doing this post because of one thing Little Miss P asked me in the car at the weekend...

We were driving home from my mum's house when she just came out with:

Summer: Mummy, when can I get a phone?

Oh my, my mouth just opened up in shock thinking where the hell did that come from? So I asked her and she said her friend has one. And my mouth just opened again in shock.

Me: Really Summer, are you sure they said they have one?
Summer: Yes mummy, the twins have them.
Me: Summer, when you go out with your friends on your own to the park or down the shops then I will get you a mobile phone.
Summer: Why do they have them then?
Me: I don't know, but they don't really need them. Who will they be calling?
Summer: OK mummy. 

But after that I was thinking really who gives a six year old a mobile phone? What will they do with it other than maybe play games on it, but why stick them on a phone? Why don't you play board games with the kids?

I can honestly say that Summer will not be getting a phone at the age of six and even at the age of seven. Not sure when I will give her her first phone but it won't be just yet! I have to say I am still in a bit of shock that she asked me and I am going to have to ask the child's mum if it's true or not.

That's my little rant over for now but am I wrong thinking it's too young to give a kid a phone and what age should I?

Please let me know what you think.

Mrs P

Dancing fun