Wednesday, 29 January 2014

20th - 26th January 2014

Monday 20th January - Monday was the first day back from Butlins and I felt like I had a really bad hangover. I didn't drink that much at the weekend so just thought I was extra tired. I just spent the day cleaning clothes and had a lazy day. Little Miss P had dance class after school, so had to sit there for an hour and a half with this head... ouch.

Tuesday 21st January - Today I have come out with a cold and my computer has broken on me, so all my filming I have done for YouTube is gone. Today hasn't turned into a great day, so I thought it was best I stayed in the house.

Wednesday 22nd January - I still feel like crap with a blocked nose and headache. I haven't done much again today and have felt really lazy, but I can't do much while I am feeling ill. I am still taking and picking Little Miss P up from school and doing all the mummy things I need to do. Just the thing in between have taken a few steps back.

Thursday 23rd January - It seems to be a week that I would not like to repeat as now the boiler is broken. We have our plumber coming over later on in the afternoon to fix it and see why it's stopped working. I have a good guess what's gone wrong and I think it's the fan that needs replacing.
He's now been and I was right, it's the fan. He's ordered the new one and is fitting it on Monday. It's working at the moment but he has said that it might stop again, so will have to wait and see.

Friday 24th January - The heating has stopped again, oh no, so we have a very cold house. We got the electric heaters on and my mummy has said that we can go round to hers for a bath, or even stay there for the night, but we will be OK. My nose seems to be clearing up but the cold has now gone down to my throat and it's feeling very sore. So I will be having soup for lunch; something nice and soft, then I'm off to get little one from school in a bit.

Saturday 25th January - This morning I got a lay in again, thank you hubby. I think he did it as I have a cold. It's now 1.17pm and I have taken Little Miss P to the shops on her scooter to buy a few things, we have cleaned out the Guinea Pigs and now we're going to have an early dinner and pop over to my mummy's house as my nanna is over for the weekend, so it will be nice to see her. We will be leaving Little Miss P at my mummy's for a bit so we can do our tax returns. At the moment she's just in her room painting.

Sunday 26th January - Today has just been another lazy one. We did leave the house to go for a little drive to Southend at 6pm at night. I don't really know why, but we did, and we even had a walk on the beach at about 7pm. Yes I know, we are a weird family, but that's what I love about it.

Other News 
Sorry I haven't put up a weekly vlog on my YouTube channel but my computer decided to give up and delete most of my things like photos and videos.

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