Thursday, 16 January 2014

Goodbye Jimmy Choo: By Annie Sanders

Izzie looked at the newcomer. She winced as Madeleine's incredulous glance swept over the pink monstrosity. She had to say something. To dissociate herself both from the ghastly conceit of Barbie in a Victoria sponge and from the other women there, before she was dismissed along with them. Over here! she felt like shouting. I'm not like them. Honest!

Under normal circumstances bohemian, Skint Izzie would never have met Maddy, a Gucci-clad Beemer-Driver urbanite. But when they are dumped into the English countryside, Fish out of water, with Five young Children between them they discover a shared hatred of ghastly ladies' lunches and a longing for the mucky London streets and residents' parking permits they've left behind. Then the tragedy, and a chance discovery lead Maddy and Lizzie in a surprising new direction....

My View

The benchmark of a good read is feeling cheated at the end because I want to know what happens next to the characters and I really felt that Izzy and Maddy had become friends. It made me laugh out loud. A fun read and great for the just at home read inbeween the doing bits and bobs. I've never read an Annie Sander book before and now I have I will be looking at which other books she has written.

Mrs P

I found this link where you can buy the book here

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