Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hope & Dream for 2014

Hopes and Dreams
for 2014

2014 is here so it's about time we think about what we would like it to bring.

2014 is a bit of...well, I'm not sure what it will bring; I know what I would like it be, but I don't think all of it will happen. We will just have to see.

The main thing for 2014 is saving money as this year (2013) we have spent so much money and I don't really know on what, other than lots of takeway food and random bits and bobs.

  • My dream for 2014 is to pay off some more of the mortgage. It's at £175,000 at the moment and it would be great by the end of the year to get it to £150,000, but that will take a lot of saving, and not really having a life for the year.
  • Pay off the credit card - that will always be a nice dream, but it's doable
  • And to get the business that we want to buy, but as time goes by I just don't see it happening anytime soon, and now just really see it as a dream as Mr P get's pissed off talking about it. So don't really see the point with it any more.
2014 Hopes

  • That Little Miss P carrys on doing well in school
  • That we carry on just being a happy little family
  • Try and have as much fun as we can possibly have, without spending lots money
I have only got a few hopes and dreams as I have a good life, so I shouldn't ask for much really.

So bring on 2014 and let the games begin!! :-)

Mrs P

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