Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sunday 29th December 2013

The next day we were off to Mr P's Mum and Dad's house for the big family get together, where there are about 9 kids and 12 grown ups I think... (sorry if I have forgotten anyone).

It's a funny one where dinner is always an hour later than it's planned to be and the kids don't really know what to do, as they open their presents after dinner and the younger ones just can't wait to open them. Dinner is always a little bit burnt and for dessert you can only have Christmas Pudding as that's all they have, so for the people that don't like it they don't get any dessert. So Lttle Miss P and I didn't get any dessert. 

When it comes round to opening the gifts it's down to the little ones to hand them out from under the tree. It's funny as Little Miss P can't read all the names yet and had to come over to me and ask what the names where. She got the hang of it in the end though.

We got some great gifts from the family so thank you everyone for my gifts :-)

It was also Master T's birthday that day so i bought a cake for him as last year he didn't get a cake and I think everyone should get a cake on their birthday. He turned 15 this year.

 And this is what happened at the end of the night when we're all tired and thing's start to get a little crazy (after a few cheeky beers or glasses of wine)...

 Have a great day everyone!!

Mrs P

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