Monday, 13 January 2014

Week Two 2014: 6th -12th January

Monday 6th January: Today has been a bit of a low day, I don't really know why, I just felt a bit like blah blah blah... nothing seemed to be going my way. It was one of those days where I really just needed to go and hide under my duvet cover all day and Little Miss P had a dancing lesson so I had to take her to that. Spent £7.50 (on Dancing lesson).

Tuesday 7th January: Tuesday was just a day at home as Little Miss P had school the next day and wanted it to be a very chilled out. All we did was go to the shop and get a few supplies like milk and fresh fruit. Spent £7.00.

Wednesday 8th January: Today Little Miss P went back to school and she was excited to go back, but I think she was a bit nervous as she woke up at 6.30am rallying to go. I always ask Little Miss P what she has done at school and I normally get nothing or not a lot. But today she was very proud and told me that she got a Merit for reading the most in the school holiday.
While she was at school I had to go to my mum's house and stay there as a handyman was due over to fix the leak in the roof. Mr P had an extra rehearsal after work for his brass band as they have a contest next weekend. Spent £10.00 (on my Nanna's birthday gift).

Thursday 9th January: This morning was like any other morning when Little Miss P goes to school. So I decided to sort out some of my old things and put them on ebay and have a look what was going on ebay as it's just been Christmas so I guessed that people might be selling things that they got for Christmas and didn't really want. I will put a few things below to show you what I thought were good. Oh, and Little Miss P had a drama lesson. Spent £5.00.

Friday 10th January: After dropping Little Miss P at school I came home and decided to make Banana Bread as the bananas were starting to go off (I didn't want to throw them in the bin as that would have just been a waste of food and money). Mr P and Little Miss P can have it over the weekend as I don't like Banana so I will not be eating it. Spent £0.00.

Saturday 11th January: Has started off with me getting up at 9.15. Mr P took Little Miss P downstairs to watch a film while I had a lay in... it was lovely :-) Then we headed out to Hadleigh Country Park for a bit of lunch and just over an hour's walk in what seemed to be mainly mud! We all had fun though. When we got back home we had a lovely dinner, watched a bit of telly then off to bed.
Spent £13.45 (car park and a bit of a lunch for the three of  us).

Sunday 12th January: It's been a fun day today as we went to see Sleeping Beauty at Sir Hawkey Hall in Woodford and it was great. We went to see it with my mum, sister, Little Miss P and Master Hill. Little Miss P got so excited when she saw one of dance teachers was in it. Afterwards we went to see my sister's new house that she moved into only on Friday. I have just got in and am doing this last bit to my blog post so I can put it up tomorrow. Spent £9.00 (on Little Miss P's packed lunch things and bread). We always seem to need bread.

Mrs P

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  1. Interesting idea to keep track of your spending. I dread to think what we spend, but there are five of us! Popping over from Clairejustine.