Friday, 28 February 2014

OOTD - 28th February 2014

Hello everyone and Hello Miss Owen 
(as I know you read all of these and you asked me to do another one)

So here it is; Little Miss P's outfit of the day. I'm still not brave enough to do one of my outfits... I just need to get over it, and just do it. Come on girl!

Little Miss P picked this outfit herself when we were just staying at home. I think we may have popped to the shops at some point.

 Here is her top, it's cute; very girly and it says 'Daddy's Little Angel'. She thinks the little girl on the top is her or she wants it to be her. Its from the TU range from Sainbury's.
It's getting a bit too small for her now so I might be putting it away soon, ready for if we have another one one day.

Her leggings have small white details on them all the way down. They're still a bit too big for her but that's good as she does not stop growing!

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)

Mrs P

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Meal Plan #2

      Welcome to my 2nd Meal Plan. Hope you all liked the first one.

Monday 3rd March- We got Little Miss P's friend coming over after school and then I'm taking both to their dancing lesson. They told me they would like a picnic, so we will ate on the floor on a rug :-) Mr P has a rehearsal.

Little Miss P and mate: Pizza and homemade cakes on the floor in the front room. 
Mr P and I: Bread and butter with a yummy soup.

Tuesday 4th March 

All three of us: Chicken with rice and peas 

Wednesday 5th March

All three of us: Jacket potato with red onion and gravy 

Thursday 6th March - As it's a day where we are all doing different things in the evening, we're having different things to eat.

Little Miss P  - Chicken Nuggets with spaghetti hoops and homemade chips 
Mr P & I - Peppered steak, with rice (it's really nice)

Friday 7th March

All three of us: Fish and chips 
Saturday 8th March

All three of us: Lamb roast dinner with veg, Yorkshire puddings and roast tatties

Sunday 9th March 

All three of us: Homemade Chicken Pie with homemade chips

Mrs P

Monday, 24 February 2014

17th - 23rd February 2014

Monday 17th February - Mr P had a week off work. We normally do lots of things but this time we decided just to stay at home with no plans and just take each day as it comes. On Monday it was a day at home and we made a home pizza for dinner... it was yummy.

Tuesday 18th February - Today was another day at home. Mr P was doing the floor in the hallway as we had a flood at the start of the year and had to rip it all up. Whilst he was putting it back in place Little Miss P  and I were doing her homework, tidying her room and then mine.

Wednesday 19th February - Today is our wedding anniversary and Little Miss P has been looking after us, by helping us make breakfast and making sure we got what we wanted. She was so sweet.

Thursday 20th February - Mr P's mum and dad are down today to look after Little Miss P while we went to see The Duck House in the West End of London. It was the matinee one so we got back by 6pm and went out with Mr P's mum & dad and, of course, Little Miss P to Zizzi for dinner. And what makes it even better is that Mr P's mum and dad paid for it... :-)

Friday 21st February - Mr P's mum and dad stayed in their camper van outside our house for the night. We ended up going for a forest walk - a very muddy forest walk - and it was very fun... Little Miss P loved it.  After that we just went home and had a chill out.

Saturday 22nd February - It's my mummy's birthday next Tuesday so we had the family down to go out for a nice meal. It was just the girls in my family and Little Master Hill, just down the road in the Castle Pub. After that Little Miss P stayed at mum's house while we went shopping in Bluewater. She was meant to come home afterwards but ended up staying the night with her.

Sunday 23rd February - I didn't wake up until 9am, it was great. Little Miss P was taken to the movies while Mr P and I had a day painting the skirting board, oh what fun that was, not, lol, it was ok but not much fun. We got Little Miss P back at about 5pm; she is now bathed, homework done and now in bed fast asleep.

Hope you had a good week.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tesco - Lidl

I went to Lidl in the week as a new one opened up down the road to us, so we thought we would give it a go.

So what can I say about Lidl, it's OK but I think I was expecting more from them. I heard people say that it's cheaper then Tesco, but its not really. I'd say the fruit and vegetables are, but that's it, everything else costs the same as Tesco own brand and you don't have as much choice.

Some of their food does taste really nice, like the big tub of yogurt, which tastes really good... I have it instead of chocolate at the moment, lol, as I am trying to cut down on the chocolate intake!

If I had to pick which supermarket I like better I would pick Tesco, just because it's got more choice in and they do the honey and gammon that we love for our family roast dinner. Oh, and a 20p korma sauce that tastes the same as £1 one. I am not saying that Lidl is bad and that I am not going to go there again, I just can't do a weekly shop there. I could pop in and just pick up a few things that I need though.

The customer service in Lidl; well they don't have any. The person at the till just says £38 and that's it.
Tesco isn't much better mind you, although if you get a nice person you might get a please and a thank you and have a little chat with you... so both of them need to sort that out really.

We're going to give Aldi a go next to see if that works out cheaper and has more choice than Lidl.

Mrs P

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

10th - 16th February 2014

Sorry this is late everyone. x

Monday 10th February - Hello everyone. Today I have just stayed in while Little Miss P has been at school as I haven't done any housework and really need to do a load of washing and change the bed sheets on our bed. I also have Little Miss P's friend coming over after school and then we're taking her to dancing class. I hope she's good for me... well I hope both of them will be!

Tuesday 11th February - Another day at home working out what we will doing over the half term. I have some cooking planned for Little Miss P and I, and maybe some crafty things to try with her. Mr P is off work as well so I am guessing we will be doing some forest walks.

Wednesday 12th February - Today is my stepsister's birthday, she turns 32 so Happy Birthday! After picking Little Miss P up from school we went straight to the bus stop to jump on and get to my mummy's house as we were going out for a birthday meal. It was a lovely meal and thank you very much to my mum and stepdad for paying for it :-)

Little Miss P with her Auntie

Thursday 13th February - Well the weather has just been pants. I only popped out of the house to take Little Miss P to school and pick her up. I did pop down to the shop when it wasn't raining just to pick up a few bits that we need.

Friday 14th February - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's still raining here. I went along to Little Miss P's school to see her work and I loved seeing it. She was so proud and some of the other kids started showing me their work too. Now at home with the hubby watching BBC News; our thoughts are with everyone who's suffered from flooding x

Saturday 15th February - Today the sun has come out, woohoo! It's only meant to last one more day then rain again on Monday. We have been really lazy as a family today. I haven't even got out of my PJ's just from the ones i wore last night to a clean set. But it has been nice as it's been a family day. Little Miss P is staying the night at my mum's house with her cousin. She's really tired though. I don't think it will be a late one for her. As we haven't got her for the night we're going to watch a film; I have picked 28 Days Later as i haven't seen it in a while.

Sunday 16th February -  It was a normal Sunday where we made a homemade pizza and chips. Mr P has been doing some more of the floor in the hallway from where we had to rip it up after the flood. We even made it into the garden and had a little play in it.

Mrs P

Saturday, 15 February 2014

What I Bought in January 2014

I have decided to start 'What I Bought' blogs.
This year as I don't use that much make-up and I don't have that much style to do lots of clothing blogs, I thought I would do what I buy each month. I'll be doing this on my youtube as well, but I might start that next month.

I haven't bought that much this month as it's been six weeks since Mr P was paid.

My face has broken out; is it because of the weather, who knows... So I treated myself to a new 3-in-1 wash off deep purifying cleanser by Soap & Glory. It seems to be working.

Also Mr P bought himself a Blu-Ray DVD but we have both said if we want anything we would buy it and put it away for our birthday or Christmas.

The last thing I bought was this Duvet cover in the sale form BHS. I think it cost around £10 in the Sale. I will be using this on Little Miss P's bed this Christmas so will be putting it in the loft for now.

Mrs P

Here's a link to an old blog post like this one:

Friday, 14 February 2014

OOTD: 14th February 2014

 I said in last week's OOTD that I would do them every Thursday but I didn't mean that, I meant to say every Friday!

This is my gorgeous niece Miss Henderson. She's 13, tall and a skinny Minnie. I would have loved to have her body at that age, crikey I would love that body now! She picked this outfit for her mum's birthday.

Her outfit is really cute and works well with her body. This blue top with the big black bow is from ebay. 
Her jeans are of course from Primark like all of mine!

Here is Miss Henderson with her little sister Little Miss Flacky before she got dressed in her outfit for her mum's birthday meal. I love both of these girls, not only because they are my nieces but they have great character. Miss Henderson is very much like Little Miss P even though they're not blood related. It's very weird. And Little Miss Flacky is always so happy and just smiles all the time.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post :-)

Mrs P

Last week's OOTD:

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Meal Planner #1

Welcome to my first meal plan. I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but I will give it a go.
We do monthly shops and we always try and use what we have or the things that are about to go out of date. If I've had it before and taken a photo of it I will put it in, and if it's homemade and have done a recipe on here I will link to it under the day I am having it. I will try and do these every two weeks for you guys x

Monday 17th  February - Nice and easy on Monday as Little Miss P has dancing and Mr P has brass band, so food is always quick and easy on a Monday.

Little Miss P: Will have pasta, ham and butter; so easy and she loves it
Mr P & I:  Chicken Pie, homemade chips & beans with a bit of salad on the side

Tuesday 18th February
All three of us will most likely have jacket potatoes, cheese and beans

Wednesday 19th February
All three of us - I am thinking of Spaghetti Bolognese

Thursday 20th February - It's another busy evening with Mr P going out straight from work to go teaching and Little Miss P having a drama lesson, so it's very easy food again.

Little Miss P: Fish fingers and chips and then a bit of fruit after drama
Mr P & I: Pasta Bake; we trying a new one from Lidi & will let you know how it tastes

Friday 21st February -
Little Miss P - As she had school dinner at school, tonight she'll have a cheese sandwich, an apple & raisins
  Mr P & I - it will be a cheeky takeaway from our favourite Indian Restaurant called Birashwamys

Saturday 22nd February
All of us - a pizza as we are a pizza loving family

Sunday 23rd February
It has to be a roast dinner with lamb, roast potatoes, vegetables and white sauce... yummy!

The Parkertrons

Monday, 10 February 2014

3rd - 9th February 2014

Monday 3rd February - Been down to the shops to post something I sold on ebay; also popped to Boots to get a refund on a Hot Coco mug as it was recalled. It took a while as she had to ring head office to make sure it was OK as i didn't have the mug with me as it broke a while ago. Also I started to write down a bit of a schedule of when to put my weekly youtube video up and when to put things on my blog post up. Also I'm going to give my blog a little makeover this month, with the help of my hubby.

Tuesday 4th February - Hello my lovely followers! Today I have been over to my sister's in Buckhurst Hill to help her out as she has a blood test and she wanted me to look after Little Flacky while she was in there. Little Flacky was so good for me; she just fell asleep. After that I just went back to my mum's house to pick up some school trousers that she got for Little Miss P. I had a cup of tea and went back home to do the normal washing etc.

Wednesday 5th February - So today has been terrible weather with high winds and lots of rain. I did pop down the shops to send some things off that I sold on ebay and that's about it. Now I'm home again after picking Little Miss P up from school and am going to do her dinner and practice her spelling test with her, as she has it tomorrow.

Thursday 6th February - Met my sister in Barkingside as I needed to get a a few bits from Superdrug, like face pads, and i wanted to get some face masks as my skin's being a bit troublesome. I haven't used a face mask since i was a teenager so i will be giving that a go tomorrow. Little Miss P is losing her voice - it's so sweet, but she doesn't see it that way. Now watching the film Deep Blue Sea with the hubby...

Friday 7th February - It's has finally stopped raining and the sun is out, woohoo! Let's hope it lasts a few days for some of the country to dry out a bit before the next lot of rain. Today I have cleaned the guinea pigs, been to the shop and done some washing. When Little Miss P gets home we will be watching a film together and having cuddles on the sofa.

Saturday 8th February - We haven't even left the house today; we stayed at home having a family day and it's been great. We even had a BBQ... it's been a great day just being us.

Sunday 9th February - We had nice lunch at the pub for my stepsister's birthday. There were 17 of us. Mr P had a gig so he's been out of the house most of the day. We got home from the meal and Little Miss P and I watched another film before bedtime. ( Will be doing a bigger blog post on this soon. )

Mrs P

Friday, 7 February 2014

OOTD: 7th Feb 2014

Hello everyone!

Welcome to outfit of the day! I am going to try and do these every Thursday for at least a month. It will not just be Little Miss P, it will be a mixed bunch with me, Little Flacky and maybe Mr P if he lets me, and I'll also try and get the rest of my family involved as it will be more fun that way.
So the first one is Little Miss P. This outfit she chose herself to go out in with Nanny to see Auntie Kelly.

She wanted to be a fairy so she picked her baby pink jeans from TU the Sainsbury's range, and her Me to You top with a red 3D flower on its head and a sequin red heart, again from TU. This top is really soft and cozy; great for the winter.

The best thing in her outfit was her shoes that she loves; these are from Primark. We bought them at the start of last year for £1. She didn't fit in them them but knew she would love them, as what little girl wouldn't love glitter shoes!?!

Here is the outfit altogether with the added fairy wings and necklace. She's also got her tiara on that you can't see in this picture.

Mrs P

Here is the last outfit of the week we did:

Thursday, 6 February 2014

5th Wedding Anniversary

It's our 5th Wedding Anniversary on the 19th February and the 5th year is Wood, or the modern version is Silverware.

I can't say it's been an easy 5 years, as I would be lying but it hasn't been too bad. We've had our ups and downs like most couples but we work them out. First of all we just don't talk to each other for a day or so then we get a takeaway or go for a walk and talk about it, work it out and carry on with life. It's not worth being unhappy about something.

Not too sure what we're doing for our Anniversary; we might just go out for a meal to Zizzi and come back to watch a film with some popcorn, We're not going to get each other anything as we are saving up to go to Canada to visit some family next year and that will cost a small fortune!

That's it for now. I will let you know what we do... Have a great week everyone!

Mrs P

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hello everyone, here's a little bit of couponing that I have been doing; it's not much but if it saves me money I will be doing it. The first one is bananas, 25p off, I think they are normally £1.
50p off clementines, normally £2 and that's great for us as we as a family eat so many of them. We all have at least one a day, so the bag only lasts 3 days. The next voucher I used was 25p off rocket. I am not a great fan of rocket but Mr P is. The last voucher is for Cadbury biscuits but my little Tesco didn't have any in stock.

Let us know what you been doing to save money :-)

Mrs P

Monday, 3 February 2014

27th Jan - 2nd Feb 2014

Monday 27th January - Woohoo, I finally have the boiler fixed so we have heating and hot water. That means I can have a nice hot bath. Also I have been sorting some more things out, trying to get some things out of the house. Little Miss P has her dancing lesson today. Oh and I have finally put up a youtube video from a few weekends ago.

Tuesday 28th January - Tuesday is pretty much just like any other Tuesday; not a lot happened after I got Little Miss P from school. We came home and I did her spellings with her as she's getting really worked up about them at the moment. I think it may be as her best friend keeps getting 10 out it 10 and she's getting 8 out of 10. I think that's pretty good still. After that she made her teacher a birthday card; she spent about an hour on it as it had to be the best one... she takes after daddy with that approach and not me.

Wednesday 29th January - I had a bit of a cleaning day, well, sorting out one of the cupboards in my room as I need to fit an extra box in it. I came across a load of odd socks and it took me an hour to match them all up and the ones I couldn't find I just threw away. When it came to getting Little Miss P from school it was raining (but it had been raining most of the day). I just wish it would have stopped by now. When Little Miss P came out school she had a little chocolate cake to eat from her teacher - it didn't last long.

Thursday 30th January - it's still raining today, not really sure if it's even stopped yet. We have no food in the house... OK that's a little lie, but we don't have much. We're waiting until Friday as that's when the hubby gets paid, and we're trying to use the food up in the house before our next shop. Little Miss P has her drama class tonight, she loves it. As I sit here I have one hour before I have to leave to get her. Tonight dinner for her is pasta, ham and butter and she loves it.  My iPad seems to have stopped working and I'm hoping it's just the charger.

Friday 31st January - So I am off to my mum's house today to use her iPad charger to see if it's my iPad or charger that has stopped working. It wasn't the charger as it worked on mum's iPad (I popped to mum's house to try it out). I went to my sister's to see her and the Little Lady Flacky... she's getting so big now and starting to want to crawl. I left there at midday and when I got home my brother-in-law told to me to try something on the iPad and it worked, woohoo! We are now sitting on the sofa waiting for Silent Witness to start. I love this show.

Saturday 1st January - We spent the morning at home just chilling, as a little family. In the afternoon we decided to go for a carvery as we had a 20% off food voucher, making it only £21 for the three of us. After that we went to walk it off over at Thorndon Country Park and we bumped into the Gruffalo. It was a nice, but cold walk. We left there at about 4.30pm and headed to Lidl to try it out, as there is a new one near us and wanted to see if it does work out cheaper. Not sure if it does yet and we couldn't get everything we wanted as they didn't do it all. So we will still have to go to Tesco at some point.

Sunday 2nd January - So we didn't wake up until 9am and Little Miss P didn't even wake up until then. I wasn't allowed downstairs for a bit as they were making breakfast. It was yummy and filled us up for the rest of the day. Little Miss P went out with my mum to see my sister. I stayed at home as I had a bad backache (womanly time) and Mr P and I also had a chat about what direction we need to go in, to get to where we want. I think that we are on the same page, well kind of anyway, and that's good enough for now.

Mrs P