Tuesday, 18 February 2014

10th - 16th February 2014

Sorry this is late everyone. x

Monday 10th February - Hello everyone. Today I have just stayed in while Little Miss P has been at school as I haven't done any housework and really need to do a load of washing and change the bed sheets on our bed. I also have Little Miss P's friend coming over after school and then we're taking her to dancing class. I hope she's good for me... well I hope both of them will be!

Tuesday 11th February - Another day at home working out what we will doing over the half term. I have some cooking planned for Little Miss P and I, and maybe some crafty things to try with her. Mr P is off work as well so I am guessing we will be doing some forest walks.

Wednesday 12th February - Today is my stepsister's birthday, she turns 32 so Happy Birthday! After picking Little Miss P up from school we went straight to the bus stop to jump on and get to my mummy's house as we were going out for a birthday meal. It was a lovely meal and thank you very much to my mum and stepdad for paying for it :-)

Little Miss P with her Auntie

Thursday 13th February - Well the weather has just been pants. I only popped out of the house to take Little Miss P to school and pick her up. I did pop down to the shop when it wasn't raining just to pick up a few bits that we need.

Friday 14th February - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's still raining here. I went along to Little Miss P's school to see her work and I loved seeing it. She was so proud and some of the other kids started showing me their work too. Now at home with the hubby watching BBC News; our thoughts are with everyone who's suffered from flooding x

Saturday 15th February - Today the sun has come out, woohoo! It's only meant to last one more day then rain again on Monday. We have been really lazy as a family today. I haven't even got out of my PJ's just from the ones i wore last night to a clean set. But it has been nice as it's been a family day. Little Miss P is staying the night at my mum's house with her cousin. She's really tired though. I don't think it will be a late one for her. As we haven't got her for the night we're going to watch a film; I have picked 28 Days Later as i haven't seen it in a while.

Sunday 16th February -  It was a normal Sunday where we made a homemade pizza and chips. Mr P has been doing some more of the floor in the hallway from where we had to rip it up after the flood. We even made it into the garden and had a little play in it.

Mrs P

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